Things To Keep In Mind While Getting Window Replacement


Window replacement is a very effective way to uplift the comfort and beauty of the house. It is a good investment and replacing the old windows with the new ones can give many benefits like less energy consumption in the house and save a lot on electricity bills. The security of the house gets improved and also besides improving the looks and appearance of the house, it also prevents the outer noise pollution from entering the house, thus making it quite peaceful. However, there are various things that should be kept in mind while getting window replacement.

Window Replacement

  • Choosing the right type of window– At the time of window replacement, choosing the right kind of window style is really important. One must be well versed about his house décor and then choose the perfect window style for it. A perfect combination can make the house look more attractive and can increase the value of the house.
  • Materials for window frame- There are basically three kinds of materials that are widely used in window making and replacement. Therefore, according to the size and décor of the house, one should wisely select the kind of material he wants to use.
  1. PVCu– PVCu is the most commonly and widely used material for window replacement. This is quite cheaper than aluminum and wooden materials. These are highly durable and long lasting with good insulation abilities against sound and heat. It is also very good at providing a perfect security to the house as well.
  2. Wooden Windows– Wooden frames give a very fantastic and classy look to the house. There are different types of designs and every design is unique. People who opt for wooden windows are greatly benefited from the protection against strong sounds and heat loss. Wooden windows also need proper maintenance; otherwise, they begin to get rot. If proper painting and treatment are done, they can stay a lifetime.
  3. Aluminum windows This one is not much popular like the PVCu and the Timbers but many people find it very attractive and eye-catching. These are quite flexible, lightweight and can be manipulated very easily. They are also quite affordable. One great disadvantage is that it is not that much energy efficient.
  • Window glazing- There are three types of window glazing and the house owner should choose wisely by keeping the décor, ambiance and the budget in mind.

Window Replacement

  1. Double glazing– It is a process where two glass panes are fitted with space in between. It helps in retaining the heat energy. It keeps the house warm during winters and also protects the house from the strong sun rays during summer. The thickness of the glass and the space between the two panes prevents the external noise from coming inside the house. Double-glazing also prevents the growth of molds and damps on the windows.
  2. Triple Glazing– It is a process where one extra glass pane is attached to the window, which sums up to three glass panes. It is considered the best in reducing the heat loss because of its lowest U-Value. It is widely used in the places which are prone to cold climates.
  3. Secondary glazing It is a process where a secondary window is added in the current existing frames. It helps in reducing the outside sound by almost 85%. Window replacement is good but in the case of secondary glazing, window replacement is not mandatory. Thus, it is quite convenient and very much cost effective.


An Overview of Double Glazed Windows


Selecting the right kind of window can change the complete décor of the house and can also help in energy efficiency. Before a window replacement, the house owner should always cross check with the supplier and consult with him thoroughly beforehand. You should check the manufacturer’s warranty while getting window replacement because some of them give lifetime warranty for windows so it’s better to know all the information before buying new windows for your home.