An Overview of Double Glazed Windows


To make a better insulated interior atmosphere, one of the most straightforward modernized glass design is the double glazed windows glass. They are designed in a way that maintains a thermal equilibrium of the room interior. They are pretty simple in design, yet so compelling. These double-glazed windows confront the users a cozy atmosphere, preserving heat within while it’s chilling cold outside!

An Outlook

double glazed windows

These extraordinary window glasses are made of two layers of non-emissive crystals (preferably) separated by a layer of gas that works as a barrier and stops the loss of heat. The gas-separated area is now sealed with the pane or by bordering it with window edges. The working method of this cutting-edge glass is pretty impressive. While the single pane glass may permit the passage of heat to some extent, this Double glazed window has got a layer of air that buffers the heat regulation. Moreover, the glass that is used in the manufacture of these types of windows possesses a thickness of the radiative coating that inverts the effect of heat during summer and winter. The idea of such a sophisticated glass originated for the countries having extreme weathers, but as time flew, the demands of this glass expanded globally.double glazed window

Double Glazed Window Pane

Some typical double-glazed windows possess the following distinct parts. Variations are made in these parts to modify the function and effectiveness of the window.

  • Dual Glass aperture
  • Gas-filled junction
  • Side pane or border or seal

The Dual glass aperture is the central integrated portion and the critical infrastructure of the window. It is generally made of a particular type of Low emissivity glass that has high performance. These glasses have a virtually-invisible metallic layer accompanied with different glazes, suitable for different climatic areas. Usually, high solar gain glasses are preferable for areas that experience cool summers and icy winter. These glasses can be modified and equipped even with coatings to resist the UV rays, thereby minimizing harms to the interior valuables.

The space in the two glass panes is usually filled with inert gases. Argon is considered to be a better option in this case. These inert gases prevent heat loss or stop incoming heat better than other gases since they have the higher densities to block the way of radiation. Moreover, these gases prevent the possible chances of formation of condensation droplets between the panes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the windows

Double glazed windows are incredibly useful and accomplish their main motive of designing. Needless to mention that, even though the window is completely refurbished, it still needs to encounter some drawbacks which are mostly required to be amended. The advantages and disadvantages of the glasses are described as below:


  • The thermal insulation created by the window pane results in huge saving on electric bills. In winter it traps heat inside while it radiates back rays of sunlight in summer, keeping interior hot and cools respectively.
  • Sometimes, condensed droplets may freeze to ice. Making the room cold. The perfect blend of inert gas had effectively eradicated this chance. In many cases, they are supplied with a thin layer of desiccant too.
  • Safety is one of the best double glazed windows. The dual glass pane is harder to break through than that of the single mirror. Moreover, their airtight sealing makes it harder to open.
  • Since modified window panes are also an effective UV ray protector, these glasses save the interior of the room walls, furniture’s from strong rays of the sun, and prevents any hamper to them.
  • These glasses don’t just insulate the thermal environment, but it also isolates the noise and harsh sounds by its airtight barrier, enhancing the acoustic performance too.


  • It’s essential to ensure that the panes are sealed to the air-tight condition. If by any chance it’s not airtight, condensation can occur and there will be no other way than replacing the whole glass.

Due to heat-trapping in summers, the atmosphere turns stuffy and can make the inhabitants feel uneasy. Well sometimes, visual-consent is also a fact to be considered. And that’s what draws these windows to back foot in older homes. Since they are of modern outlook, they may not match with traditional get up.

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