Easy Homely Remedies to Get Rid Of the Unwanted Hair Growth in Your Body


It is not easy to deal with the constant hair growth in your body, of course, unless it is your head hair or men’s beard and mustache! People get literally fed up dealing with the hair growth and the need to do regular waxing literally makes the irritated way too much.

The process of waxing and hair removal is also not very smoother; it’s painful at times and that is why some people hate threading or waxing. But the urge to look good always prevails in every human and thus they are left with no option but to do regular hair waxing processes to get rid of the unwanted hair in their bodies.

No matter whether you are a male or female, whether it’s your facial hair or the hair in your private parts you need to remove them timely in order to maintain hygiene and look good at the same time and thus, here are some easy homely remedies for the same, which will not only reduce the pain of hair removal but also reduce its growth inevitably.

Unwanted Hair removal

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  • Sugar wax is very effective in letting go of the unwanted hair in your skin. You just need sugar, lemon, and water and boil them to make a thick paste. Once it cools, the wax is ready to be used as a hair removal alternative.
  • The pumice stone works wonderfully well in removing the unwanted hair. Use it dry skin in circular motions and moisturize the skin after the process is done.
  • Papaya paste is impeccably good in removing hair. They loosen the hair follicles and also prevents re-growth. Use mashed papaya and turmeric for better results.
  • Take egg white, sugar and cornflower to make a paste and apply on your skin. Peel off the layer once it becomes dry. Hair come out well when this remedy is used.
  • Use rose water, olive oil and alum mixture every day on your skin to get rid of the unwanted hair.


At times, people seem to be too busy with their lives. In the midst of the busy lives that people lead, they don’t get time to take care of them on a regular basis. One such important thing which takes our time regularly is the removal of unwanted hair from our body; whether it is the armpits or the private parts!

That is why a permanent solution to such regular hair removal process is necessary for the busy bees. The NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is one such hair removal alternative which does not only remove the unwanted hair but also subject it to permanent reduction. It’s the best solution that any person with constant unwanted hair growth can adhere to!

It allows you to permanently reduce hair growth in a certain body part through the application of natural ingredients and procedure without causing much harm to the skin. Thus if you are not willing to remove the unwanted hair on a regular basis, go for hair growth inhibitor all for once.

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