Why Does Sneezing Cause me the Back Pain & How to Fix Them


Sneezing, which is a source of relaxation, can often become a reason for pain to some individuals.

These pain include pain in arms chest or even back pain.

These pains can either be ignorable and in some cases alarming according to the situations.

In this post, I am going to talk about back pain from sneezing.

Explaining the facts, causes, and solutions for the issue, the information describes why sneezing causes you the back pain & how to fix them.


Why does sneezing cause me back pain?

There are numbers of possible reasons which could cause you back pain when you sneeze. One thing to keep in mind: your body does not feel pain directly from the sneeze; there are likely some other issues with your back, which are the key reasons behind the problem.

A slipped disc, hernia or paralysis of the limbs could be the common reasons why sneezing is causing pain in your back.

The most common among all is the slipping of the discs which can be caused by a car accident, heavyweight pulling or even by the improper body posture.

The function of these discs in your back is to provide an essential role of shock absorption caused by daily activities like running, lifting, and other strenuous activities.

Therefore, when these discs herniate or slip due to any particular incident, a lot of abnormal and severe pain can occur, one of them is the feeling of back pain from the sneeze.

But how do you feel pain in your back from sneezes?

When you sneeze, you likely bend and turn your head to keep it away from others. That seems ordinary, but this action is indirectly affecting the health of your spine.

More specifically, in the process of the sneeze, the diaphragm contracts and throw the bulk of inhaled air out with the pressure, that pressure results in an intense contraction in the muscles which are supporting the spine and neck. 

In the result of this delicate process, the joints and the discs in the spine becomes stressed and causes you the back pain.

Everything in simple words,  the thing which is responsible for making you feel back pain is an enormous pressure produced by sneezing. 

Sneezing undoubtedly release a tremendous force that shakes the entire body, including the spinal discs.

How to fix the back pain caused by the sneezes?

Sneezing is the natural function of the body which has to happen at some point and which can’t be taken off permanently from our body. 

It benefits the human body system by the number of ways. Furthermore, the pain in the back is not caused by sneezes directly; many problems in the back and mistaken activities could be the leading cause of why you are suffering in this issue, as said before! 

The followings are the guidelines regarding the solution of the back pain from sneezes.

Fix the way you sneeze

As I said in the beginning, the inappropriate head turnings while sneezing cause back pain. 

To fix that, extend your neck and lower it back slightly at the time of sneezing. 

Avoid your neck bending or disturbing its posture.

Adopting this technique will assist you in preventing the back pain caused by a forceful sneeze.

Avoid strenuous activities:

Strenuous and stressful exercises usually cause a disturbance in the spinal discs. To give comfort to your back, you must avoid swimming, aerobics, running basketball and more importantly the weight lifting activities.

Stay away from these and other unsuitable activities to protect the discs from further issues.

Maintain the right posture:

The improper sitting posture also leads to the pain in the back. Also, it can worsen the condition if you are suffering from herniated discs. Medical experts highly recommend adopting the appropriate posture to remain safe from unusual complains in the body.

The recommended posture is to, put a soft cushion and lay on the end of the chair altogether. 

Keep your shoulders, head straight in a comfortable and relaxed position. 

Do not lift or bend your body inappropriately.  

Keep everything in a relaxed condition.

BE sure to get your both feet touched by the floor, avoid them from elevating. 

Rest your arms and elbows on the chair; let the shoulders be in a comfortable and relaxed position.

Adjust your chair height; keep the chair balanced with the table so you can work peacefully.

Furthermore, when you are driving, sit at the curve of your back using the back support. 

Maintain the knees at the same or higher position with the hips. 

Moreover, your body shouldn’t be pushed towards the steering; adjust the seat closer according to your ease over the steering, and drive comfortably.

Apply ice & heat therapy:

Applying the ice cubes to the painful areas of the back may help to reduce pain caused by sneezing.

Wrap a towel with some ice cubes and apply it to the back. 

Use this remedy for about 20 minutes a day.

Same as the ice, heat can too provide deep relief in the back muscles. Moreover, heat can give a deep healing sensation plus the better blood flow to the affected areas.

To apply the heat, dab a piece of the towel into the hot water and then squeeze it. After that, apply it over the hurting areas of your back.  Use this remedy for about 10 minutes a day.

Massage your back:

Any time or any day, a right message works as an excellent remedy for the relief of several muscles complains. That is why a message can result in an effective treatment plus a great comfort in your back.

Massaging is quite simple; take some hot oil, and apply it directly to your back. Rub your back by using round clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Continue massaging the back with different movements for 5 – 10 minutes.

Since it is a bit difficult to massage the back by ourselves, you may also make the job done by the second person or better with the professional massager.

Give your back a rest:

The victim of back issues without any curiosity needs plenty of rest. Primarily, there should be a better cushioning and support on the back to rest and treat the spinal discs well.

Sleep at least 8-10 hours consecutively. Avoid resting on the thick and ditched mattresses. Keep a pillow between your knees to maintain the spine in a neutral position.

Furthermore, put a soft and fluffy cushion on the back while you are sitting. Sit as little as possible, i.e., for about 10-15 minutes.

Hence, take frequent breaks and do not work too much until the pain is not eliminated.

Have Physiotherapy:

Where there’s a complaint in the muscles, physical therapy is considered to be the possible solution to fix everything effectively.

Professional therapists know better how to deal with the back problems caused by wrong posture or muscles stiffness.

Therefore, have Physiotherapy if you want to fix the pain sooner by the hands of a professional person.

Consult with the medical expert:

If your back pain is caused by accident, herniated discs or you are suffering from the back issues for an extended period; then you must consult with the right medical expert.

Ignoring complains and letting it get old may turn everything into a hazardous situation. 

The worst thing is, being late for the consultation may also suffer you into the severe condition like paralysis.

Consult with suitable specialists like orthopedic, neurosurgeons, and pain management physicians. 

Discuss them the severity of pain, its duration, and every problem in which you are suffering. 

They may suggest you the painkillers, or some injection. However, if the problem is severe, you likely need to be operated to get a permanent solution.


It’s primarily the pressure which is making you feel pain in the back from the sneeze. 

Furthermore, the back pain caused by the sneezing can either be ignorable or in some cases, severe, which may require an expert’s checkup. 

Thankfully, there are numerous homemade treatments and DO’s and DONT’s to fix (almost) everything, but only when the problem is not critical.

The last point, never forget that the right posture, effective remedies, and some precautions can help you fixing the back pain from sneezing dramatically.

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