How to keep Balance between Social and Work Life?


Do you know that one of four Americans say that they are “super stressed!” That doesn’t sound healthy or balanced at all. Without a doubt, modern lifestyles are very hectic. People end up juggling helplessly between piling workload, family commitments, managing relationships, and squeezing in some leisure time.

We do need a little stress to help us perform at our very best. But the key to stress management lies in one word: The balance! And yes, it is an attainable goal and the most successful of men achieve it. But to do so, you have to make some sacrifices. For instance, lesser use of your Spectrum Internet deals. Internet and smartphones have to be the biggest distractors and time wasters.

work-life balance

Let’s Destress!

Stress is known to weaken the immune system and make us vulnerable to a variety of health conditions. Chronic stress has been recurrently related to high blood pressure and an increased risk of a heart attack. The statistics are a horror story! 

Here are some effective tips on the subject!

Utilize your Strengths to the Fullest

You must have heard the famous aphorism, “Jack of all trades, master of none!” Don’t be that. And don’t even try to be what people are. You need to know your strengths and play them to the maximum. If you are not best at something, outsource it instead of wasting your valuable time.

Scheduling and Prioritizing your Time

Don’t go increasing your stress levels with making to-do lists with hundreds of tasks on them. Better organization is the key to achieving more and stressing out less. Prioritize them in the following major categories:

  • Urgent/important.
  • Not urgent but important.
  • Not important but urgent.
  • Neither important nor urgent.

Work on Having Some Me-Time

When the workload is wildly pilin up, it can become tempting to go on working without a break and be done with it. But that will leave you stressed and exhausted. Also, without any breaks, you won’t be able to deliver your best. Hence, you will spend more time trying to get things done. You need to have some personal time every now and then. You need your nerves to be refreshed and your senses to be rejuvenated to face the next challenge. You need to do it for your health and family too.

Stick to Your Work Hours

If you haven’t already, set your work hours for yourself and then strictly stick to them. make yourself work in those hours. Limit the distractions while you are working. Otherwise, you will end up working until midnight. And to have the right work-life balance, you need to be free of work when the work hours are over.

Manage Your Time

Creating a timeline of all your activities is a good idea. Many computer programs will help you do this. Have a word table or an Excel spreadsheet for your tasks and activities. Include official tasks and break them into components. This will help you achieve them effectively. Add family commitments like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and so on. You don’t want to be shamed for not remembering your loved ones and their special days when you are down with work.  

Work Out is a Must

Make time to exercise essentially. You shouldn’t ignore your health by squeezing yourself between work and social life. If you are not well, you won’t be able to do anything at all. So don’t skip your gym, Zumba run, or the yoga class that you have signed up for. Moreover, it will make you feel fresher and healthier and you will be able to complete your tasks in lesser time.

Investing in Time-Tracking Tools

You wouldn’t regret it! These tools allow you to track everything from the duration of your meeting and frequency to converting leads. Using one of these tools will help you have an estimate of the time required by various tasks. Only then, you can plan them accordingly.

Be Realistic

A little self-awareness and self-analysis should be mandatory to your daily or weekly schedule. Ask yourself whether you have improved than before. Take time to analyze what works better for you and what doesn’t. How are issues fixed when they go wrong for you. Make realistic goals and ask yourself if you are doing better when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life schedule. See if you are working as good at work as you aimed to.

Do More of What You Love

You have to nurture your soul in addition to feeding to your body. Make time to do things that you love. You deserve to do so. Whether you love painting, hiking with friends, spending time with your pets, traveling, watching a series, or anything for that matter, do it. It will energize and rejuvenate you.

Doing what you love is an essential part of a healthy work-life balance. You will only nurture your own creativity if you do so. Make time for having a vacation. Make time for having a vacation. If you are concerned about disconnecting from work, plan ahead. Most probably your hotel would have Spectrum internet availability where you would be able to get an internet connection.