Knock Out Pain with Tips from a Chiropractor


Knock Out Pain with Tips from a ChiropractorYou must have heard all of the secrets that supposedly work to keep you away from the need to meet with a back doctor. You may have some idea that exercises will help to keep your back healthy and that correct lifting will work well to save you from any form of spinal injury. You must be convinced that you have to look at your phone carefully.

Others may even tell you that you should avoid any form of bad exercises and continue to participate in some other ones, but what do all these tips actually boil down to? The answer here is “motion” through chiropractic pain management in GA.  Keeping your spine in the right moving condition is fundamental to the health of your back.

Do you think that the job of a chiropractor is just to crack up your back and send you back home? This is not true! The goal of a chiropractor is not just to relieve your pain, but ensure that you have pain-free adjustments. The spinal manipulations they incorporate helps to correct misalignments (subluxations) of the spine as well relieve painful pressure in your back, neck, and head.

Here are some tips from Dr. Kroll on how you can knock out the pain.

Start Each Day with a Stretch

The way you begin your day plays a great role in order to determine how your lower back complains in the end. Before you get out of your bed, you can consider doing some stretches in your bed, such as sit-ups, cycling in the air, uncrossing your legs, and other activities to keep your neck or back pain in control between your visits to the chiropractor.

If you are a parent, then it could also be that you suffer from problems like muscle spasms due to the daily chores and responsibilities you have to follow. That’s when you may also want to consult experienced chiropractors.

Do Not Stop Sit Ups

Definitely, strong abdominals are the main key to ensuring your pain in the back reduces. However, if you experience back pain, traditional sit-ups, and crunches could make the pain even worse, according to specialists at Kroll Care Clinic. Rather, you should hold yourself in a plank yoga pose, lie down on your stomach and you should lift your body to balance on your toes and hands, similar to a push-up. You should hold on to this position as long as possible and increase the time in each attempt.

Following side planks could also help to firm up your core. From this plank position, you can also rotate your body to the left in order balance on your stretched right arm and right foot (or the other way around). You should reach out your hand and hold on to this position as long as you can switch sides.

Quit Staring at Your Smartphone

For a moment, look at your phone. Do you notice what just happened? Your chin just went to your chest and your neck experienced a curve into a “C-shape.” That’s something not good for your neck. Do you know there are about 12-15 pounds of weight in the human head? The further you push your head away from your shoulders looking down at your mobile phone, the more it will strain. The discs and the bones will mash together and you will experience pain.

This also goes for other handheld electronics, such as an iPad. In order to save your neck, you should lift your hands up so that you look into the phone at a balanced level. If you use an e-reader in bed, you can hold it up on your knees bent rather than on your laps.

Use the Headrest of Your Car

Even though we give it our best shot, most of us spend so many days staring at screens with necks craned down. You can use your drive time in order to release some of the tension that you build up in your neck. While you drive, you should lean your head back against the headrest. When you do so, it will naturally work to raise your chin to a better and more comfortable position, and take off the pressure off your neck muscles. This gives your neck a much-needed rest.

Upper Body Massage Helps

If headaches plague you, you should consult a massage therapist to help you relieve the tension in your neck, shoulders, and jaw. The tight muscles in such areas could be the source of the pain you experience. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, you may end up exerting much stress on the TMJ (Temporomandibular) joint in your jaw. You could consult your doctor for some over the counter medicines or choose a chiropractor to help you ease the headaches.

Rest assured that these strategies are great when it comes to saving you from pain, but most chiropractors recommend that you visit clinics for regular adjustments to keep your spine aligned properly. It helps to keep the nervous system functioning properly as well as reduces the possible risks of recurring pain. Whether you are in pain or not, it is advisable that you visit them to help maintain your range of motion and balance.

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