How Coffee Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier


In our daily monotonous lives, we often spend a whole day without even smiling. The routine lives that we lead are often depressing, mostly in adult ages when the responsibilities of life grab us all. We get to see many instances where people even try to end their lives due to sheer depression. Nowadays some social organizations are making effort to bring back happiness to the lives of common people by various ways, just to let them feel lighter and help them fight the depression. There are different ways by which people try to make themselves happier, like going for vacations, listening to music, reading or catching up with friends. But a majority of them don’t know that there is a cheap and refreshing way to be happy- yes! Coffee can fight depression and its inevitably proved by recent studies on it.

Coffee can fight depression

Reasons why coffee is considered to relieve your stress muscles:

Coffee is a beverage which is believed to make people feel light and energized by the taste and smell of it, and this is not just a random bizarre fact.

Some research studies from the Seoul National University suggests that coffee aromas put such an effect on humans that the brain proteins that are tied to stress hormones are freed and that makes the person happier.

It also contains a well amount of antioxidants which help people fight depression who consumes it on a regular basis of 3 to 4 times a day. This fact is also revealed in one such study done in this caffeine product.

The mild antidepressants that it carries also make a healthier production of the neurotransmitters in our nerves like dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin, etc. So, it is believed that coffee can fight depression up to a satisfying level and helps in bringing down suicidal offenses to a much-decreasing level.

Coffee makes you happier and it is not a myth:

Indeed people may debate on this topic that how come a single beverage uplift the moods of depressed people or how can it make people happier when it is just a casual drink? But there is a lot more to this ‘casual’ drink than what meets the eye.

People confuse happiness with laughter- no! The ones who always laugh might not be happy in their lives but a happy life means being healthy all over. If you say you are happy and you are fighting a dreadful disease then that makes no sense, similarly, if you say you are fit and still fighting depression then that is also pointless.

So the balance of the fitness of both body and mind is necessary when it comes to the term- happiness. Coffee does both; as stated earlier that it cheers you up and the added advantage is that it also improves your health.

Consuming coffee on regular basis can cut the risk of skin cancer especially in women. It reduces the risk of getting affected by type-2 diabetes and lessen the chances of Parkinson’s disease.

For the alcoholics, it works as their ‘sin-eraser’ by its positive effect on the liver- studies suggest that the alcoholics who consume coffee for at least once or twice a day are less likely to be affected by the disease ‘liver cirrhosis’ which is categorized to be an autoimmune disease. All these are reasons enough to believe that coffee makes us happier.

Having a cup of tea or coffee is almost a necessity in every household, whether rich or poor (although the quality varies!) but less of us know the benefits of consuming them.

We drink coffee as something to boost our energy level and a major cause is obviously addiction towards the caffeine content of it. Though there are some negative effects of consuming coffee in larger quantities, a good amount does not do much harm.

It can be assumed to be a healthy habit to have it once or twice a day as coffee can fight depression and the people of this generation need the urgency of lesser depressing lives. So its popularly said, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close.” And who doesn’t want happiness to come in such small packets?

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