10 Incredible Benefits of Drinking Fresh Organic Milk


The health benefits of milk is colossal. A simple liquid that mammals produce in the mammary glands have all sort of natural nutrients required to support a young one’s life. Many animals produce milk that humans can consume, but pure cow milk is one of its kind, and it can deliver supplements to both children and adults.

Cow milk is the most accessible. However, this is also a fact that pure fresh organic milk is not easily accessible or known to most of the milk consumers. Be informed that all the nutrient content and health benefits doctors and nutritionists talk about align with fresh organic milk; not the adulterated milk.

fresh organic milk

For example, here is a breakdown of the nutrient content in pure cow milk of 100-gram quantity:

Information source: USDA Nutrient Database

Milk is a whole food and an excellent source of essential nutrients. However, the exact nutrition value also depends on the diet and treatment of the cows on the farms. For example, fresh organic milk from the cows that eat organic fodder contains a greater amount of beneficial antioxidants like Vitamin E.

Milk has some amazing benefits that we generally overlook thinking it’s not beneficial to the adults. This is a myth. Let me enlist these 10 astounding benefits to clear your doubts if you believe in any kind of myth associated with milk consumption:

1. Improves skin health

Pure milk contains Vitamin B, Calcium, Alpha hydroxy acids, and many antioxidants that help in skin nourishment. I don’t ask you to fill a tub with fresh organic milk, but drinking a glass of milk will essentially supply these nutrients to your skin. The same nutrients also make your skin soft, glowing and clear your complexion.  

2. Strengthens your teeth

Milk is one of the incredible sources of calcium that your teeth need for staying strong. Calcium also prevents your teeth from cavities and put a check on tooth decay. Milk is also a great source of phosphorus that protects your enamel and re-mineralizes your tooth construction. In addition, it also keeps your jaw bones sturdy. 

3. Reinforces your bones

We know children need milk to have strong bones. However, we somehow ignore the fact that milk is vital in adult bone health too. Adults after an age become extremely vulnerable to osteoporosis, which gradually weakens the bones and makes them susceptible to fractures. Again, calcium and phosphorus found in milk act with vitamin D to reduce osteoporosis risks in adults.

4. Grows your muscles

To build muscles, you need heavy workouts and protein-rich diet. Pure cow milk is a great supplier of high-quality protein, dietary calcium and vitamin D. With a balanced consumption of milk post workouts you can refuel the extra calories along with the increased muscle mass.

5. Helps in weight loss

Milk is not directly associated with weight loss. However, it does helps you control your hunger and averts irregular eating habits. You can drink a glass of milk to avoid sudden appetite and unplanned diet. It is a healthy snack that can go along with fruit consumption too.

6. Ensures healthy brain

Pure cow milk offers enough vitamin B. Vitamin B is a great nutrient to ensure a healthy and active nervous system. Regular consumption of milk can regulate your sleep-wake cycles and ensure you get enough of a sound sleep to wake up fresh and relaxed. Fun fact, Vitamin D in milk regulates the serotonin hormone, which is also called as the happy hormone.

7. Replenishes lost energy

Out of many benefits of drinking fresh organic milk, calorie replenishment is one of the top ones. You can drink a glass of cold milk flavored with cardamom in a hot summer day to replenish your energy. There is nothing like a chilled drink full of nutrients that do not only boost your energy but also turns you relaxed after a hectic day.

8. Supports Immune System

After a series of multiple pieces of research, experts have found that fresh milk is a perfect booster of the human immune system. A single glass of milk can provide multiple nutrients that stabilize the overall health.  For example, reduces the production of cholesterol, improves eyesight, prevents bone weakening in adults, prevents certain cancers, and regulates heart health.

9. Regulates blood pressure

Every class of milk is considered a perfect measure to reduce the risk of hypertension by keeping blood vessels elastic. Milk contains a good amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which prevents the arteries from hardening.  It has been found that dairy consumption reduces heart attack rinks by 10%. Fat content in milk is actually a good way to prevent coronary artery diseases by regulating LDL cholesterol.

10. Fights cold and Congestion

A glass of pure cow milk in cold and congestion can soothe the throat. People also add a pinch of nutmeg to use milk for natural de-congestion in kids with cold. Milk is a whole food that cannot only be consumed warm but also in chilled form. Beware of the myths that claim milk is harmful in cold diseases. It is actually a great source of essential nutrients that help you fight the sickness.  

To conclude

Overall, milk is a great drink and the best way to stay healthy. However, you must also know that only pure milk and fresh organic milk is recommended by the experts to avail the full benefits. Always choose standardized milk from the market. Different types of standardized milk in the market offer the same level of benefits, just there is a differentiation in the fat level. You can choose skim milk, low- fat milk, full-fat milk, or whole milk, as per your preferences.

Author Bio: Lily Bhat

I am a Food expert, dietician and a health advisor. I currently work for a fresh cow milk company. I cover the trends associated with food & health industry.