Microblading: The Truth Behind Flawless Eyebrows


Gone are the days of plucking your brows paper thin! Full brows are in and they are everywhere! Don’t believe us? Just open any fashion magazine and you’ll see models all over the pages with full, beautiful eyebrows. The good news? This look is easy to achieve and maintain with microblading.

If you have thin or light-colored eyebrows, or a medical condition that causes hair loss, then this procedure is a dream come true. It’s natural-looking, long lasting, and basically painless. So, put down the eyebrow pencil, throw out the time-consuming eyebrow dye kit, and see what microblading can do for you!

What is Microblading and How Long Does It Last?


Simply put, microblading is a tattoo. We know the word tattoo can be scary to some people, but this isn’t the same as a traditional tattoo, we promise. You won’t have to worry about the loud sound of a traditional gun or deal with any painful healing. That’s because microblading is done with a hand tool and not a motorized device like a regular tattoo.

The ink is semi-permanent too, so you aren’t stuck with the look forever like you are with a tattoo. So, if brow trends change again several years down the road, then you will have no problem changing your look.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. First, you’ll meet with your dermatologist or microblading specialist to design your new eyebrows.
  • Next, you’ll have the microblading procedure done. During the procedure, your dermatologist will make hundreds of tiny cuts on your brow line. And just like a tattoo, these cuts break the skin which allows the pigment to get in. However, the pigment is only going into the upper layer of the skin, which is why this ink isn’t permanent.
  • After the initial procedure, you’ll have a follow-up consultation when your new layer of skin forms to see if you need any touchups.

The results can last up to three years, but most people need to get touchups every 18 months for ultimate results.

Does Microblading Hurt?


Now that you know a needle is involved, you’re probably wondering how painful this procedure is, right? It’s really not as bad as it sounds, honestly!

While people experience different levels of pain, microblading is said to hurt less than traditional tattoos. That’s because a numbing cream can be applied before and after the procedure. There are also fewer needles involved during the microblading process, which also cuts down on the pain.

Many clients have said they feel minor pressure or some discomfort during the procedure. But again, it all depends on your level of pain tolerance.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?


If an eyebrow pencil is apart of your daily makeup routine, then you could benefit from having microblading. This is a safe way to get the brows you want without having to apply makeup every morning.

Here are some other reasons why women and even men all over the nation are taking advantage of microblading:

Lost lasting results

While these results aren’t permanent, they still last for several months, sometimes even years. For most people, the results last from one to three years. Think about it, that’s a long time to go without makeup!

Hassle-free maintenance

You can skip penciling in your brows every day because you will already have those perfect arches. So, this will help cut down on the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the mornings.


Your brows won’t smudge or smear during swimming or exercise like they will if you have makeup on. So, this is a great option for someone with an active lifestyle.

Quick process

The entire skincare enhancement procedure takes about two to three hours. But listen to this – after the procedure is finished, there’s absolutely no downtime needed to recover! So, the procedure is quick and so are the results.

Natural looking results

Microblading will benefit anyone who has experienced hair loss or lack of hair growth. This is really helpful for chemo patients or those who have alopecia who may have difficultly creating a natural looking brow with an eyebrow pencil.

Safe and painless

Although the process is similar to a tattoo, it is much less painful than one. A strong numbing cream will be used, so you won’t really feel anything. Most clients say they feel a “carving” sensation, but no pain. And it’s an extremely safe procedure when it is done by the hands of a professional.

How Do You Prepare for Microblading Eyebrows Treatment?

There’s little you have to do to prepare for your microblading treatment cost.

But here are some important things to remember:

Two weeks before appointment

Don’t use skincare products with Alpha hydroxy acid and using the anti-aging product on your brow areas.

One week before your microblading appointment

Stop waxing, threading, tinting, or tweezing your eyebrows.

Three days before the appointment

Do not go to a tanning bed or get a lot of exposure to the sun. This can cause problems when choosing the right pigment to use on your brows to match your skin tone.

The day before your microblading appointment

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine because this could make your skin even more sensitive. You’ll also want to also avoid blood thinners like ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, or vitamin E supplements.

The day off your microblading appointment

Relax! You’ll have perfect brows in no time!

What Can I Expect After Microblading?

One of the many benefits of microblading is that there isn’t any downtown at all. You can walk right out of your appointment and show your brows off to the world! One thing to keep in mind when you first get the procedure done is that your brows will be a little darker in color, but the color will soften in about 2-3 weeks.

As far as maintenance goes, there really isn’t anything you have to do. It basically just depends on your preferences. Some women say they don’t touch their brows for months after the procedure is done, while some say they still continue to tweeze, pluck, or fill their brows in.

Another option some women do for ultimate maintenance is to go back to your dermatologist or technician to touch up their brows every six months or so. Like we said, it’s all about your personal preference.

Beautiful Brows with Microblading

Are you ready to save time getting ready in the morning with eyebrows that look good as soon as you jump out of bed? It’s possible with! Whether you have brows that are too light, you aren’t able to grow eyebrows because of a medical condition, or you just want to cut out eyebrow penciling from your daily routine.

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