All That You Need To Know About The Amalgam Separator!


Medical advancements bring in a lot of breakthroughs in the treatments. It is not just about getting the condition treated but also aesthetic restorations that are executed in a diligent manner. Amalgam separator is one such innovation that has created a positive impact on the dental procedures. When it comes to oral hygiene and health, it is crucial to contact only the specialists. The dentists understand the use of right technology and equipment to help the patients with different dental conditions. In fact, there are several measures that each dental practitioner incorporates which are even environmentally safe.


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Not many people are aware of the amalgam separator and its benefits. In fact, when the dental practitioner prescribes one, the person gets a bit apprehensive. Here are some of the details about the dental separator you need to know:

What Is The Amalgam In The Dental Procedures?

As the name suggests, you will note that amalgam is a mixture of different metals. They are known to mix well and bond to offer a strong restoration measure in the dental procedure. Some dentists make use of such mix for dental fillings. And, there are some dental practitioners who would use the amalgam for the procedure of crown on teeth. This is mostly used in the rear side of the mouth as one will need a strong support to handle the bite pressures or the forces.

What Does It Mean By Amalgam Separator?

Undoubtedly the metal fillings come as a safe alternative. Even crowns are helpful in dental procedures. However, there is always a chance that the patient might ingest any of the material during their placement or removal. As a safety protocol, the dentists usually go for the amalgam separator in order to keep any form of metal used in the dental procedures from being lost in the patient’s body. There are other tools like the rubber dam. However, it is not as effective as the metal one. Additionally, using the plastic will always contribute to environmental waste.

When Is The Amalgam Separator Used?

Amalgam separator

  • Restoration

If the dentist prescribes you with the restoration because of the tooth decay or any form of infection, then you need to be careful. There is a need for the amalgam separator in such instances. Only a good dentist would look out for such a measure though. Not many dentists would believe in using the separator. However, you can choose to inquire with the experts for the same.

  • Repair

Imagine you have a massive tooth decay where you cannot possibly think of saving the tooth. Also, if there is a serious infection in your teeth or gums then you will have to opt for the repair of your teeth. Usually, the procedures are intense, and the dentists might use the amalgam separator. There will be the use of several metals during the techniques and one will not want to suffer from any allergy or infection. Hence, you will notice that the dentist might use the separator.

  • Injury

If you had an accident or injured your tooth, then you will notice that there is sensitivity around the area. You might not be able to deal with the cold or hot temperatures. If you do not wish to deal with a chronic toothache, the dentist will have to go about working on the injured section. This might require the use of different techniques and use of the amalgam separator becomes most obvious.

In the end, one needs to remember the fact that the separators are an inexpensive and extremely beneficial element in the dental restoration technique. Therefore, most of the dental practitioners are in favor of them.