Eye Health & Vision: Know About Various Eye Tests


Our eyes are an important part of our existence, without them, it would be impossible to see the tranquility of nature and the beauty that exists around us. However, with lifestyle change, food and environmental factors out eyes take up a toll on them and may create some issues related to vision impairment and issues that hinder our sight and become an obstacle to a scenic view in front of us.

The vision may also affect due to any ongoing medical condition like diabetes or high BP and age factor or malnutrition.

To make sure our only stargaze device is safe and perfectly functioning we must make sure they are treated with utmost care and are regularly checked by a doctor or an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) by doing eye tests to make sure all is in order and functioning as it should.

Eye Test

Various Eye Tests

Since eye problems can be of various types, there are various tests to check different problems and issues an eye can have. To brief about some of the eye tests an ophthalmologist may do are as follows:

Applanation Tonometry

This is a pressure test for the eyes. It measures the amount of pressure it takes to flatten a portion of the cornea. This pressure test allows doctors to check for any glaucoma. In this test, the ophthalmologist puts numbing eye drops in the patient’s eyes and then lightly presses the eye with a tool called, tonometer.

Corneal Topography

In this test, the doctors aim to map the curve of the cornea through a computer system. This mapping can show any damage or scarring to the surface of the eye due to an injury or accident or may even be able to detect problems like astigmatism. Corneal topography is also done before surgery, or contact lens fitting or even a cornea transplant.

Dilatedpupillary Exam

Special drops are put in the eye to dilate the pupils and check for a retina for any disease.


The most common eye tests done to see and get an eyeglass prescription from the ophthalmology. Generally, a patient looks at a chart from a distance and has to read it out loud, this helps the doctor to determine what sort of power does the patient need or is there any requirement of glasses at all. Can be used to find out eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia etc.

Fluorescein Angiogram

A test that determines the blood flow in the eye and how well the flow is. This test helps in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, and muscular degeneration. A dye is injected in the eye of the patient, called fluorescein, and that helps color the vessels of the eye and see the blood flow condition.

There are more tests than mentioned above such as Slit Lamp Exam, No Contact Tonometry, Retinal Tomography, Ultrasound, Visual Activity Test, and Visual Field Test etc, for testing various parts and functioning of the eye and disease an eye can get due to various factors. The ones just discussed are eye tests to check the visual acuity test to measure the sharpness of your vision.

There are also tests that check the color blindness of a patient, Ocular Motility: eye movements’ test, depth perception tests, and other eye tests to check the various aspects of the eyes that help us see the color, the depth and the view around us. Ophthalmologist uses various eye tests and procedure who examine the eye to make sure the eyes are in perfect working condition.

Even the minor eye problem shouldn’t be ignored. Therefore, if you face any issues with your eyes you should take an appointment of your eye doctor today.

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