Health Risks correlated with Plaque and Gum Diseases


Gum Disease is a therapeutic inflammatory condition in gums induced by the microbial and bacterial infection in the gums. The gum or Periodontal diseases begin from plaque – a sticky substance composed of bacteria deposited over the teeth. If it is not removed properly, it will harden and irritate the gum regions around the teeth.

In advanced stages, it causes gum swelling, bleeding in gums, soreness and eventually damage the gum tissues. This will progress o breakdown of bone tissues which endure the tooth and end in tooth loss.

Apart from infecting the gum tissues and the underlying teeth bone, periodontal diseases have linked with various health complications.

Teeth Cleaning

What are the health risks associated with gum diseases?

Bacteria in the plaque secrets a toxic substance in the gum pockets between teeth in the progressed stage. When the poisonous substance penetrates beneath the gum layer and enters the bloodstream, it will provoke a discrete level of health disorders.


Diabetes is the condition when our body does not produce enough glucose which is required to control the blood sugar. People with diabetes are at higher risk of suffering from the high level of sugar in the blood. This problem might occur because of genes, lifestyle or poor immune system.

Dental Health Professionals reveal that gum disease is powerful to compromise the body’s immune or defense system. It makes the body hard to control the sugar level in the blood.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Hardships in congenital functions are common with the more number of missing teeth. It has been found in the recent researches. As gum infections weaken the tooth support and lead to tooth loss, it has an association with obstacles in the mental processes. Likewise, it produces Alzheimer’s protein named Beta-Amyloid in the brain.

Porphyromonas gingival is is a kind of bacteria responsible for periodontal diseases. The bacteria secrete an enzyme called Gingipain which can effectively interact with Beta-amyloid. The compromised immune system cannot produce the compounds to prevent the production of gingipain. This results in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Stomach ulcers

H.pylori infection is the root cause for stomach ulcers and their associated complications like Peptic ulcers.  Helicobacter Pylori is a negative microbial agent which is seen in the deep pockets formed over the gum lines. The bacteria is found in saliva and the plaque biofilm in people who are suffered from Periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum diseases.

The chances are higher for the bacteria to travel to the stomach through the gut. Antibiotic treatments along with deep scaling are required to completely get rid of peptic ulcers.

Heart Disease & Stroke

People with gum diseases have higher chances of suffering from heart diseases than persons who do not have periodontal diseases. The risk of cardiovascular disease induced by gum disease is mainly because of their inflammatory properties. When the bacteria penetrate the blood flow, it will cause swelling in the cardiovascular system.

Then pathogens associated with the cardiovascular system also begin to swell.  It makes the fatty substances present in food begin to deposit in the blood vessels and cause clots. In the advanced stage, the clots harden the coronary arteries which reduce the blood flow to the heart and cause heart diseases.

Such clots are harmful to thicken and block Cateroid arteries which supply blood to the brain. It ends in Stroke.

Respiratory Problems

The respiratory tract is also infected with periodontal disease because of the inflammatory properties. Bacteria present in the plaque build up might be entered into the lungs when we breathe. In such cases, the tubes in the lungs get inflamed because of the infection. This is followed by shallow in the tubes which makes hard to inhale and exhale the air.

Besides the breathing problems, a bacterial infection in the lungs and the respiratory tract will cause lung cancer.


Infections in the gum regions take advantage of the habits like alcohol consumption, smoking to deteriorate the condition. Serious health complications like Erectile Dysfunction are also possible with the effect of gum diseases and lifestyle changes. It is clear that keeping the gums free from infections with oral hygiene activities and teeth scaling treatments will benefit our health as well as dental health.

Author Bio

Dr.Hussain Al Saleh is the Specialist Prosthodontist and Oral Implantologist in Oris Dental Centre, the dental clinic in Dubai. He has completed his Dentistry course on Advanced Dental Implant at Jordan University of Science and Technology. He is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.