How to Remove Bad Breath? 5 Brilliant Tricks No One Told You


Bad breath is not an issue to hide behind. Rather, you should face it chin up and look for an instant remedy. Halitosis, as it’s medically known, is indeed bad to have but instead of feeling embarrassed and evasive about it, you should go ahead and try to know its causes and right treatment. Even if you can’t identity own stench and have to rely on others to bring to your notice this problem, this does not mean you can’t know the reason. Only then can you take right steps and get it cured easily, and at home itself, in most cases.

Some of the major causes of bad breath include

  • Lack of oral hygiene, or poor oral hygiene, is a major reason for stinking breath
  • Not following brushing and flossing routine is also responsible
  • Bad food choices can cause the breath to stink, although temporarily
  • Eating or consuming tea, coffee, garlic, onion or items with strong flavors and odor can cause bad breath
  • Smoking is a major cause of halitosis due to chemicals in tobacco-laden products
  • Dry mouth due to drinking of too much tea or coffee can also cause the breath to feel bad
  • The dental cavity or damaged or decayed tooth with infected root may also make the breath to stink
  • Some medical concerns and regular medication may also leave you with bad breath

5 brilliant tricks to remove bad breath

  1. Practice good oral hygiene

The problem of bad breath will go away if you start practicing good oral hygiene. By brushing twice a day, by flossing daily and by cleaning your tongue regularly, you make can your breath feeling refreshing all the time. If possible, try to rinse the mouth with water every time after taking a meal. If you could change your brush every three months to keep the bristles soft as this will reach to all areas of your mouth and ensure a complete cleaning.

  1. Stay hydrated

Stay hydratedDry mouth is a reason behind bad breath. When your mouth is dry, it gives plaque and bacteria an environment to grow and cause the stink. You should therefore never let the oral cavity be dry and rather try to keep it as much hydrated as possible. You must drink plenty of water right through the day to keep the cleaning system active and prevent the growth of bacteria. You can also try consuming fruits and juices to keep the toxins and food leftover out of the mouth.

  1. Eat Citrus fruits or drink juices

Eat Citrus fruitsAlthough acidic drinks are bad for your dental health, you could still use them sparingly to counter the bad effects of bad breath. If your mouth is dry and you want to boost the production of saliva, you can eat oranges, lemon or grapefruit for desired results. This will help you in two ways – first, its scent will mask bad odor and, secondly, the acid in them can prevent the growth of bacteria. You can rinse your mouth as well using a mixture of lemon juice and water.

  1. Consume fennel seeds

Traditionally, fennel seeds are used as a mouth freshener. Their anti-bacterial properties are helpful in killing bacteria in the mouth and diluting the stink in your breath. People often use it raw or can make fennel tea for the same effect. This will help in the production of saliva which can keep the mouth hydrated and prevent bacterial growth. You can thus also expect to scrub out plaque and foods that otherwise rot in the mouth and cause the stink.

  1. Eat more yogurt

Most dairy products are good for your dental health. In fact, yogurt can help keep bad stink in mouth away. You can thus eat more of sugarless variety and make the breath fresh. By eating yogurt, you can cut down the level of a compound that causes bad breath. Clearly, you won’t find more excellent tricks to fight off bad breath and make your mouth ooze freshness all the time.

In overall, bad breath is curable if only you employ tricks and use some good home remedies. If you avoid this problem, it might cause further oral troubles or for you to benefit from New Hyde park orthodontics for your dental issues.