The Eye Test And Other Measures To Keep Your Eyes Healthy


You would agree to the fact that eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of your body. Any problem with pair of eyes would not only impact your vision but at the same time, ignoring the eye issues can result in loss of vision. Our objective is not to panic you, but to enlighten you with the fact that regular eye tests are paramount, and hence you must stay in consultation with a good eye doctor.

On an average an individual spends around 6-8 hours in front of the screen, and this can screen time can range from television to mobile phones and working on the system, and hence it becomes important that you must take good care of your eyes. There are several ways to take care of your eyes, and we will be discussing few of them here in the blog.

Eyes Healthy

Here Are Some Types Taking Care Of Your Eyes

It is very important to take care of eyes as they are very sensitive, and moreover excessive exposure to different radiations from mobile, laptops and screen impacts the eyes health to a great extent. So, we have figured out certain ways that will help you greatly in keeping your eyes healthy.

Eat Right

One of the first things that you need to do is to take care of your diet. The food that you eat directly impacts your health, and hence, your diet must be rich in different nutrients. For example, if you want to improve the health of your eyes, then you must consume foods that are rich in vitamin A, caretonoids and omega-3 fatty acids.

These nutrients help to keep your eyes in good condition. Some of the food items rich in Vit A and omega-3 fatty acids that you can include in your diet are green leafy vegetables, carrots, salmon, tuna, eggs, oranges and other citrus fruits. These food are rich in nutrients that work best for the good health of your eyes.

Eye Exercise

If you visit a doctor for an eye test, then the doctor will recommend you a certain set of eye exercises that will certainly improve your eye sight. Some of the common eye practice that you can do are:

Improving The Rear And Far Focus

The best way to do so is to hold your thumb 10 inches away from your eye and focus on it for 15 seconds then focus on an object which is 10 to 20 feet away for 15 seconds, and then again bring back your focus on thumb. Repeat this exercise 5 times every day.

20-20-20 Rule

This works best for those who work a lot in front of the computer screens. Since your eyes are stuck on the computer, it is bound to get strained, so the best way out would be to follow the rule of 20-20-20. For this, you need to look away from the screen after 20 minutes, and focus on the object which is 20 feet away, and focus on it for 20 seconds. Doing this will ease the strain on your eyes.

Eye Test

Eye Test

This eye test is a serious recommendation for people of all age groups. Before the problem aggravates, you must make it a point to visit the doctor. Make sure that whenever you suspect any change in the eyesight like pain in the eyes, difficulty in focusing, irritation in eyes, and headache, then you must make it a point to go for an eye test. The best way out would be to consult a good optometrist. They will perform a series of eye tests and would also recommend prescription glasses or any medication if required.

These were the basic measures that one needs to take to ensure that the eyesight is always good. Make sure that you consult a good eye doctor for an eye test and do not neglect any eye issue at any cost.