Wisdom Teeth And Instances To Remove Them


It is important to care for our body parts and organs to have a healthy life. One such important part of our body is our teeth.  Teeth need  proper care. If they are not taken care properly  certain issues may appear sooner or later. Generally, there are four types of teeth namely, incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Apart from these, there is a growth of wisdom teeth and they can cause certain discomfort to us.

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth that grows in the end of the mouth. They generally grow between the age of 17 to 21. If they grow in the normal shape and they do not show any negative impacts, then it is not necessary to remove them. But, unfortunately, they create some problem for certain people because of the irregularities in growth and shape. In such cases, you may have to remove them otherwise they can cause further problems diseases and pain. These are the issues that you may face if they are not removed:

Wisdom Teeth
  • It may infect or create cavities
  • The adjacent tooth may get damaged
  • You may lose bone present around the roots
  • Feel hard to brush and to floss

When To Visit Doctor For Wisdom Teeth Removal.

Here are certain instances that you should visit the dentist and look for the treatment for wisdom teeth removal.

When You Have Gum Problems

Some wisdom teeth will collide with other teeth and they will create some pain and swelling. Suppose if your wisdom teeth are partially erupted that may cause infections, cysts or even there are issues or tumors in gum tissues or jawbones. These partially erupted teeth are the best place where the bacteria can accommodate and cause severe health issues. So, you should take care of them and look for the right dentist for the wisdom teeth removal.

The Growth Of Wisdom Teeth Will Affect Other Teeth

There will be some deep pockets around the erupted teeth, and they can be several bacteria, calculus and some food particles collected. When days moves, they will slowly come out and start attacking the near teeth. initially, when you do not care and make a way for wisdom teeth removal there are chances for higher danger and sometimes it may even lead to the danger of teeth decay and you may be in need to remove many teeth.

When They Grow In The Wrong Direction

Sometimes, these teeth may also grow within the jawbone, when you move or roots of adjacent teeth these wisdom teeth may get affected. This has higher chances to damage the nearby tooth and cause danger. Instead, when you find they are in the right place and under proper growth, do not disturb them and need not to think of wisdom teeth removal just let it be in its place.

When You Have Any Difficulties In Chewing Activities

When you are chewing do you feel that your wisdom tooth is disturbing by scraping any of the soft tissues? Do you bite your cheeks often? Are you feeling that your food getting caught under the gum tissue near the wisdom teeth? Under these types of situations, you may visit the dentist and discuss the wisdom teeth removal. Since they may grow and make you feel more inconvenient.

Not all the wisdom teeth have to be removed and it is not necessary for all the people to seek for wisdom teeth removal. It is necessary only when the tooth is disturbing you in any means. When you remove, remember you should take the right care and follow the doctor’s advice till you get healthier again.