Everything to Know About Digital Dentistry in Nashville


Digital dentistry in Nashville includes the use of modern technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures for the comfort of the patient. As technology is becoming more common, this advancement in tools has resulted in better patient satisfaction and comfort.

The Common Digital Dental Technology

When you are visiting a clinic in Nashville, the digital dentistry technologies that can be used include:


This computer-assisted technology helps in dental restorations of crown, inlays, onlays, and veneers by using milling technology. With this technology, the best dentist in Nashville will be able to restore and provide the treatment in a single day as compared to the traditional method that would have taken several sittings.

Cone Beam CT

It is used to provide a 3D scan of the patient’s oral anatomy to provide a surgical guide to surgeons for placing dental implants. Due to this technology, implant placement has become easy, which helps in getting successful results from the treatment.

Digital X-rays

As compared to simple X-rays, the digital ones have less exposure to radiation that makes them comfortable and safe. Through digital X-rays, a dental image is captured with a sensor that you can process on the computer screen. It enables the dentist to magnify images for a better and accurate scan of the problem.

If you are from Nashville, Dillard Dental Services offers digital scans for the patients to provide them more accurate treatments for quick results.


With the mixture of sound pulse and laser, this technology helps in the early detection of cavities. It restricts dental decay in the long-term and preserves healthy tooth structure.

Intra-oral Camera

These cameras provide a clear and accurate image of teeth and other supporting structures that helps the dentist in treatment. It also allows seeing any tooth defects and assist the dentist in better treatment recommendation. They also focus on better hygiene practices and tell where you need to brush more for better oral health.

These are some of the digital dentistry technology used in Nashville. With the advancement of technology, dentists can now provide more accurate treatments for patients.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

The usage of modern technology in the field of dentistry has various advantages. Some of them are:

Accurate Diagnosis

With the help of technology, dentists can treat and diagnose oral diseases sooner than traditional methods. With technology, an accurate representation of the patient’s oral anatomy is provided for a thorough examination.

Less time and Economical

With digital scans and other technology, the doctors don’t have to wait around for days to create the restoration. It will be available on the same day. With this, there is no need for multiple appointments, saving both time and money. Along with that, the patients do not have to wait for their scans and images. They can view them on the screens easily.

Better Communication

With the advancement of digital dentistry in Nashville, the dentists can easily collaborate with other specialists to get a quick consult, even during the appointment of the patient. The 3D tooth impressions can also be sent for quick feedbacks on treatments.

Better Patient Experience

With digital imaging, the traditional methods are not in use anymore that created discomfort for the patients. Instead of dental impressions, a 3D scanner can help the doctor to diagnose the problem.


With computer-based technology in dentistry, you can get better and quick results. You can ask your doctor about digital technology and discuss the benefits you can gain from them as compared to the traditional methods.