Things to Know Before Shopping for Incontinence Pads for Adults


Problem of incontinence is prevalent especially at old age  however, it does not get as much as attention as it deserves. According to the National Association for Incontinence, it is believed that there are over 25 million people who suffer from one or the other form of incontinence. Both male and female may suffer from it, but due to embarrassment, they tend to suffer in silence rather than to seek help. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about, because it is, after all a natural phenomenon.

Incontinence pads for adults are made of impermeable multi-layered materials for high absorbency and are used in the health-care as precautions against conditions like urinary incontinence. They are usually placed in a bed or chair or worn under an undergarment.

Incontinence pads are a very important aid to such incontinence conditions, therefore, if you are looking for buying these incontinence pads, for someone else or for yourself, then here are a few things that you would like to keep in mind before you start buying them:

Incontinence Pads for Adults

Factors to Consider Before Buying Incontinence Pads for Adults

The Level of Absorbency

Before anything else, look out for the level of absorbency that your incontinence pad for adults will be able to provide you with.  Make sure that you go for an incontinence pad with high absorbency while providing comfort. An incontinence pad with high absorbency will not just have less risk of leakage leading to embarrassment but will also help you to cut cost by not requiring you to buy extras for frequent change.  If you are thinking that the more absorbing capability the pad will have, the bulkier it will be, then it is not exactly so. There are types that are not bulkier yet are highly absorbing.

Size and Comfort

One of the most important factors while shopping for incontinence pads are the size and comfort they will be able to provide you with. The right size will not just allow you great comfort but will also help prevent leakage. Therefore, it is important that you find the right fit when it comes to incontinence pads for adults. There are models available for male, female as well as some unisex choices.

The Reputation of the Brand

Before making the final decision, invest your time into finding out more about the company or the brand from which you are thinking of buying your incontinence pads for adults. A good company will provide you with a quality product while maintaining safety standards and providing a warranty.

Trial First

Most incontinence pads for adults companies allow you a sample of their product before you actually purchase them. These samples are usually cheaper and will help you understand whether it will suit you or not and thus help you in choosing the best product for yourself.

What are They Made up of

Finally, before buying, check what materials are used in the making of the incontinence pads for adults. These pads will be up against your skin for long hours of the day so make sure that they are not made up of any material that will harm your skin.

While looking through the materials, look up the materials that are used for the absorbent core which must be effective and the outer parts which must be breathable. At the end of it all, it is your comfort that must take top priority.

The condition of incontinence in adults can be very difficult for a health condition to handle. But it shouldn’t stop you from leading a normal and effective life. Therefore, invest in good quality incontinence pads for adults and before doing so, keep these few points in mind so that you may get the best out of it.

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