This Raksha Bandhan, Lets Us Gift Good Health to Our Siblings!


Festival means celebration and togetherness. Indian festivals are rich in tradition and culture. Be it any festival, the preparations start before some week or even months. The whole idea behind such preparation and excitement is happiness. Happiness does not come from materialistic things rather it is filled with emotions. If you are healthy, you are happy. Therefore, it is important to stay healthy so that you can enjoy each and every occasion with great enthusiasm and joy.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and the excitement has begun like every year. This day portrays a picture of everlasting bond and love in between brothers and sisters. This auspicious day symbolizes a strong relationship between siblings and to make it stronger, gift them with something that is unique and make them feel special. Let us gift each other a good health this year.


Life is very busy these days. We tend to ignore our health due to our busy schedule. We ignore the early symptoms and a little discomfort in our body that might be diagnosed as a major health disorder at a later stage. The word ‘purity’ has lost somewhere in the crowd and practically nothing is in its purest form nowadays. The water we drink, the food we eat or air we breathe, all are polluted in some way or the other. Although, we cannot stop the same but can definitely take some precautions to keep us safe from the harmful effects of these impurities present around us.


It is very important to spread awareness among people for keeping healthy. Health starts from our home. Yes, this Raksha Bandhan, make your sibling aware of the regular health check-ups to avoid an unfortunate. Also, spread the awareness to bring some change in the daily lifestyle and make it a healthier one.

Raksha Bandhan

Say hello to Nature: We live a sedentary lifestyle at present either sitting on the computer at work or watching television or mobile screens at home. We are spending most of the time indoors restricted within the four walls. This promotes an unhealthy body. Go out and take a nature walk. Get your sibling to indulge in a regular habit of any outdoor activity such as walking, jogging, cycling or just sitting and staring the natural beauty.

Eat healthily: Follow a healthy diet and include fruits and vegetables in your everyday meals. These food contact antioxidants, fibers, vitamin and minerals that helps to fight many diseases. We tend to eat a lot of canned and packaged foods such as wafers, noodles, aerated drinks, and even packaged vegetables etc. These packaged foods do not come in its natural form and are considered harmful if consumed on a regular basis. Avoid gassy foods such as fried foods, fruits in the evening or night, dairy products and sugary foods. Let your sibling avoid these foods as much as she/he can.

Drink Water: Our body consists of 60 % water. Therefore it is important to maintain the level of water by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. Water removes the toxins and wastes from the body through sweating and urinating and also cleanse the bowels easily. Make sure your sibling drink enough water every day.

Include Yogurt in your daily diet: Yogurt is the best probiotic food that should be consumed daily preferable during lunch time. Yogurt is good for the gut and treats many gastrointestinal problems. Yogurt helps in restoring the good bacteria levels and provides relief from gas, acidity, bloated stomach etc. This Rakhi, do not indulge in fried foods much, rather eat a cup of yogurt along with the meal.

Exercise Regularly: Exercising is a must for all irrespective of the age. Any form of exercise can be chosen as per your liking, availability, and suitability. Some examples are running, jogging, cycling, gym, yoga and playing outdoor games. It is very important to keep our body moving in order to keep it fit and healthy. Our mind works the worst when we stop exercising. Ask your sibling to give his/her body 30 to 40 minutes every day and exercise. Do not entertain any kind of excuses.

So, this Rakhi gifts your sibling a healthy and happy life by gifting this lifestyle change. Practice yourself too along with your sibling. It will be double the fun. Isn’t it?

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