Home Remedies to get rid of Woodpeckers


Are you residing in an area with a lot of wood around? Then indeed, you are facing problems of drumming sound that is done by woodpeckers.

It is said that woodpeckers liked a lot of critics. Since they enjoy hopping around the wood, they want to find some little worm in the bark. You get the best remedies for this problem as many of the woodpecker’s deterrent home remedies are pretty effective.

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Home remedies to get rid of woodpeckers

These are some of the methods that you must follow. Suppose you want to know how to get rid of Woodpeckers. Before following any technique, make sure to cover all the holes with POP or a metal sheet.

  • Scare Balloons: This is the first method to get rid of woodpeckers. But it is proved that scaring woodpeckers will work for a short period. So start to follow prevention methods as soon as possible. It is because soon woodpeckers will understand that balloons will not be going to harm them. That’s why it is advised to follow the prevention method effectively to scare woodpeckers for a long time. Otherwise, this method will be useless.
  • Fake Birds:  It is an alternate method of scary balloons. But this method is quite expensive and advanced. If you are using plastic owls, then this is the best remedy since woodpeckers are highly scared of an owl. 
  • Flash Tape: This is another effective method to scare woodpeckers. The tape is made from Mylar, which is a shiny ribbon that reflects the sunlight. This ribbon can mostly be used to scare woodpeckers from houses and farms.
  • Sounds: Even you can also use many sounds to frighten woodpeckers. Any type of sound will be aware of your presence to woodpeckers. By making loud, disturbing, and creating sounds, woodpeckers will stay away from your house. 
  • Professional removal method: If none of the above methods is working, then you can use this. You have to call a pest control organization related to woodpeckers as they are experts in removing woodpeckers from the house because these people are professionals in their respective work.


These are some of the woodpecker repellent home remedies which everyone can use easily. But you have to be very devoted to your methods and follow them correctly. Use multiple methods to get rid of your problems.

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