Buckle Up Besties to Lose Weight Together this Friendship Day


“Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but THIS is for life!” this one-liner about friendship said by Phoebe Buffay from the all-time favorite sitcom ‘Friends’ still gives a warmth in our hearts, isn’t it?

Indeed, friends are some of the most special people in our life. They don’t comment on your ‘not so fabulous’ job title or harass you indirectly when you are 29 and still unmarried and obviously far away from parenthood. Instead, they help you relieve from these stress with comforting messages, heartfelt hugs, large sundae, and cheese topped pizza. But do you know these friendly treats are making you fat indirectly and by you, I mean both of you?

It often seems that best friends or friends in a close circle often share similar physical attributes as well. On this Friendship Day, I am all set with a few tips to for besties to lose weight together.

  1. Compete With Each Other

Unite when you want to gossip about others, but divide when you want to lose weight. Make each other your competitor. This will motivate you in many ways. Note down your weight, height, and other measurements and exchange them with your bestie. You can even make money out of it, read on. It might sound a little too much, but there should be rewarded for your misery.

  1. Exercise Together

friendshipMake it a practice to exercise regularly. Running on the treadmill is more fun with your bestie by your side. Now I understand, you and your bestie might not be sharing the same pin code. That would be great, but use the technology in your favors. Stay in touch and keep an eye on one another’s progress, just like a multiplayer video game.

  1. Order From The Menu Wisely

I too feel that food tastes extra good while sharing with your favorite people. Stick to that motto, but change the plate’s contents. Go for the food swaps with that will help you maintain a balanced body weight. Swap soups for fried appetizers. Order low-calorie meals and share a dessert instead of separate ones. Also, make a resolution to take a walk back home from nearby places instead of hopping a cab.

  1. Get A Dream Dress

Get each other a dream dress, or pick it together, and don’t forget to get it in a smaller size, even if plus sizes clothes are available for people of every body weight range. An attractive motivation waiting on the other side of the tunnel will help you stay motivated. Cause you don’t alter the dress, you alter yourself to fit it. This point is kind of exclusive for women, but fashion freaks dudes can involve as well, that too on an affordable budget. I mean, why don’t you guys purchase BOGO Tee and wear them as brothers. Women don’t do that, not even besties!

  1. Complement One Another

lose weight

Believe it or not, compliments can work even better than motivation. So complement each other for losing a pound. And simultaneously, don’t hesitate to show your tough side, if they are taking it too casually. Sometimes, a good scolding rank even above the complements. Remember, your bestie has no other bestie than you, so they will come back, clinging to you no matter what, so be honest.

  1. Make Them Pay For ‘The Cheat Diet’

‘Cheat diets’ are inevitable and so is the fact that one of you will lose more than the other. So strike a deal to make them pay for the ‘cheat diet day’, it if you lose more pounds and vice verse. The loser will want to get even by losing more weight. If nothing else is working, maybe a hole in the pocket will do it.

So, besties, instead of blaming (jokingly or not) one another for your extra pounds, make a resolution to lose weight together. Instead of finding solace in each other’s belly fat, buckle up to lose weight. We might have met as strangers and bonded over food and friendship, but now it’s time to let go of the unsaturated fat that makes you look like a couch potato. Share this blog with your bestie and strike a deal with a bowl of salad.

Cheers to your bond and your ‘upcoming fab’ body!

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