Cool Tips to Use Derma Rollers at Home


A derma roller refers to a device that is used for your skin care. This device helps in rejuvenating your skin, reducing signs of aging, and treating acne scars. However, you can use this device at home, but it is essential for you to know how it works to clear your idea. Furthermore, this article contains some cool tips that will help you in using the derma roller at home. In fact, it is a procedure that was initially carried out by a dermatologist. Hence, if you need to use it at home, then a little training is enough to do so. The procedure has gained popularity in these days, as it is an easy-to-access, non-invasive, and accessible method.

Cool Tips To Use Derma Rollers At Home

How Does Derma Rollers Work?

This portion will help you to know the actual procedure through which this device works. When you roll on the device over your face, then the fine and small needles on it puncture your skin. The fine needles create holes in your skin, however, they are considered as superficial. This is the reason that the treatment doesn’t go under the category of invasiveness.

This process punctures your skin and generates the controlled skin injury. Well, it doesn’t cause actual damage to your skin but the superficial damage to treat the issues in your skin. In this way, the scar tissues break down.


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A study was conducted in 2016 and the results revealed that the controlled injuries to the skin lead to the bleeding to a superficial level. This process helps in increasing the healing process of the wounds of your body. Following things happen as a result!

  • The new blood vessels are formed in the skin.
  • Your skin starts to generate more amount of collagen.
  • The specific substances are released from the skin that helps in the growth.

The collagen that is produced by your body is deposited in the area of the skin where the treatment is performed. The formed collagen is stored in the targeted area for next 5 years. In this way, your skin starts to heal and become firmer. Furthermore, the fine wrinkles also get disappeared.

A research has been conducted that revealed that outcomes that if your skin is treated with 4 sessions of micro needling with the time span of 1 month, then it may lead to the 400 percent growth in your collagen.

Directions to Use Derma Rollers

Now, if you want to use derma roller at home, then you should know the directions to use it effectively. Following are the steps:

  • First of all, you need to remove the derma roller from its container.
  • Take the alcohol solution and spray on the derma roller. Sterilize it by using warm water.
  • Apply saline or antiseptic wash to prepare your skin.
  • Hold your skin over each section, in upper direction for once and in down direction for once, side to side for a time, as well as diagonal once.
  • Give a bath to your skin by using saline water once your skin becomes red.
  • Take alcohol solution and spray on the derma roller. Furthermore, wash it with the help of warm water.
  • Leave the derma roller so that it becomes
  • Put it back in its storage case so that you can use it again when to require.

When you are going to use the derma roller on your face, then you should treat five sections of your face to get benefit from it. These sections are discussed below!

  • Top right & left of your cheek and forehead
  • Right & left lower cheek and under the eye.
  • Around your mouth.

You may apply moisturizers or serums on your skin after making use of a derma roller for hair. The effects of these products maximize due to the use of this treatment. Furthermore, it is considered that the use of derma roller makes these products well-absorbed and well-functioning. However, if you are utilizing Accutane, having the history of blood clotting, or going through any other medical treatment, then you should avoid its usage. In addition to it, don’t use this device over the area that has cold sores, sunburn, eczema, rosacea, skin inflammation, or moles. It is recommended to consult an expert dermatologist to make the decision easy for you.

Tips And Best Practices

Following tips can be helpful for you in improving your derma rolling experience.

  • If you are planning to get the treatment, then it is recommended to take vitamin C and A before almost a month. It will help you to boost the production of your collagen.
  • Make use of the ice packs right after the treatment in case of pain.
  • After the treatment, you should apply anti-aging moisturizers or skin serums on your face to enhance their effectivity.
  • Your skin becomes sensitive to the sun rays after using this device, so it is recommended to make use of the sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Repeat this procedure for almost 2-3 times in every 7 days.
  • Last but not the least, avoid sharing your device with another individual. In fact, you should never do this.
  • If you have any infection or acne on your skin, then avoid to use it around that.

Hopefully, all of the provided information becomes helpful for you. Still, if you have any query regarding its use or you need some other tips, then you should get the assistance of an experienced dermatologist.