Foods That Keep Wrinkles Away – Prevent Wrinkles & Premature Aging


Wrinkle-Fighting-FoodsThere comes a time in our lives where we all feel the urge to maintain the beauty of our body and face. The natural phenomenon of this universe makes it compulsory for everyone to feel aged after a certain period of time.

Some of us remain fit and healthy in the long run due to proper maintenance and care while some of us tend to become more vulnerable to complications of old age.

One of the major physical problems of being aged is the showing up of wrinkles on our skin’s epithelial layers. There is no way to stop them naturally but yes, it can definitely be delayed by feeding on some foods that keep wrinkles away.

The following foods are categorized to be the best in fighting and preventing wrinkles:

  • Honey

    Have a craving for sweets and still urge for a healthy skin? Well, it can be possible by this product. Honey is sweet and healthy too. It comprises anti-oxidants and so does not cause skin inflammation and so a better solution to skin problems.

  • Nuts

    Some nuts, preferably almonds contain vitamin E which works wonder in growing a healthy skin. It also contains omega acids and anti-inflammatory properties which help in smoothing the skin cells in case it gets crooked due to the formation of wrinkles.

  • Tomatoes

    This vitamin C abundance has more to it than just its attractive looks. It is full of Lycopene which increases the efficiency of our vascular system and protects our skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays. The vitamin c in it improves the internal structure of the skin by making it look more fluffy and firm as it builds collagen fibers in our skin cells.

  • Green tea

    This form of tea is a mixture of organic ingredients and anti-oxidants which helps in the regrowth of the inner and outer epidermis. This helps in the maintenance of a proper skin regeneration cycle and keeps it healthy.

  • Yogurt

    Probiotics are often considered as the best remedy for a healthy skin. It improves the hygienic ability of the unprocessed foods that helps in fighting gut bacteria and reduces its inflammation. Yogurt has probiotics in abundance and so it qualifies in being a top-rated wrinkle-fighting food.

  • Berries

    Both blueberries and the raspberries are a favorite when it comes to fighting wrinkles. They contain vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants, probiotics and polyphenols which helps in the regeneration of new skin cells in our body.

  • Fishes

    The majority of fishes contain highly abundant ‘omega-3 fatty acids’ which has no replacement in moisturizing the epidermal skin layers of our body. It softens and smooths our skin to a level that it becomes beautiful inside out.

  • Apples

    If it is popularly said that “one apple a day keeps a doctor away”, then there have to be immense benefits of this organic supplement. The vitamin c and the anti-oxidant Quercetin present in it make it an essential for maintaining a healthy skin.

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As they say- “you are what you eat”, it definitely is so. People normally show up signs related to what they consume regularly. And the food habits must be well maintained in advance so that they do not create any dis-balance in our lives later on.

Fresh and healthy eating is always recommended from a very early age. We obviously do not want to look bad at any time, nobody does! But at the same one cannot defer the rules of mother nature.

So its evidently suggested that we try to include these foods that keep wrinkles away in our daily dose of anti-aging meals category.