Power of Positivity – A Path Towards Happy Life


Have you ever wondered what is the power of positivity in your life?  Power of positivity has gained so much popularity these days and people are adapting to this lifestyle. There are many books and studies claiming its existence.

Power of positivity is an attitude, a strong belief that you can overcome any obstacle in your life with a positive result. When you approach your life with this positivity, life responds with happiness and peace. The power of positivity believes in the fact that, positive thinking attracts more positivity and negative thinking attracts negativity in life.

American author Norman Vincent Peale has told, “ When you expect the best you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.”

power of positivity in your life

How to be positive always?

Our daily life is not an easy task to handle, it is hard and challenging. Hence it is not that easy to be positive always. But a constant practice and effort towards positivity can make you reach there. If you look at the brighter side, being positive feels much better than losing the battle with negativity.

It is entirely your choice to be positive. To get that peaceful life, you need to be aware of your feelings and work towards your will of having positive thoughts. As long as you are aware of your feelings you can avoid that negativity taking over you.

Some tips to follow

  • Practice positive thinking, feed your mind with positive thoughts every day.
  • Read some motivational quotes every day.
  • Adapt yourself to positivity and make it a way of life.
  • Positivity is within you, so believe in yourself.


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How to deal with life’s challenges?

Life is filled with challenges but facing it with negativity cannot do any good. You might have faced some challenges in past, take a moment and think about them. How did they affect you?

Did you learn anything from those problems? Did they make you stronger? Somewhere, you feel good that those challenges you faced, made you a better person today.

Apply this to your present problems and face them positively. Look at the positive results they are going to bring your way. This will help you form a positive path towards a happy life.


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How does it work?

Your thoughts are really powerful and they control your life. People with a positive attitude are leading a happy life. When you are with an optimistic person you can feel that positivity around him.

When you are happy and content, you see more possibilities and opportunities in life. It further encourages you to take steps toward them. Positive thinking helps you develop your skills and appreciating your life.

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

In recent years studies have shown that positive thinking greatly affects your health. These health benefits include:

People with positive thinking are more active and healthier.


Having gratitude means appreciating your life, for all the good things you have. Express your gratitude towards your healthy life, good relationship, and to all those achievements. Gratitude can put you instantly in a good mood. Gratitude increases your optimism and leads you to a happier and healthier life.

Final Words

The power of positivity can bring a good outcome of your life. When you apply this positivity in your daily life you can feel the changes around you. Hence motivate and uplift yourself, most of all believe in yourself.

Finally, it says you can change your future by just changing your attitude towards life, so why not try it? Smile more and live happily.

Author: Dr. Rashmi

Rashmi is a Health and wellness writer. She writes compelling content for healthcare professionals. She creates healthy and inspirational content for her readers. To know more about the author visit https://rashmibyakodi.com/