Seven Ways To Get Rid Of Gardens Pests


There is always a joy in the heart of every gardener when your plot is full of perfect-looking vegetables or flowers. The only problems are insects, using precious garden vegetable and flowers have their bed. There are other natural or non-toxic ways to help you get rid of these insects from your garden instead of using harsh chemical pesticides that will harm your garden or environment.

Following these simple natural, effective tips for dealing with garden insects. This will work because there have being a lot of positives feedback from the garden. So do not wreck your precious garden with harmful pesticides, use these natural solutions to get the job done.

Add Herbs And Spices

If you do not have spices and herbs in your garden, you should that right away. They can protect your garden, and they are also delicious in meals, and that’s a win in both ways. Herbs and spices have strong scents that deter many pests. Some of them are garlic, mint basil, and chives. If you have a rabbit as your garden’s pest, try planting garlic because they detest the smell of garlic.

Put Fence

If you are a gardener in more rural areas, you might be dealing with a bigger pest like voles, rabbits, and deer. So putting a fence around your garden is really the best way to keep those hungry pests away. Chicken coop wire is perfect for the garden fence; make sure it’s sturdy enough to withstand wind. Make the height according to that of your intruders, for deer make it 10 feet if you are facing rodents that like dig tunnels. To prevent this, bury the bottom of the fence a full foot deep.

Clean Up Compost

Good soil can really deter garden bugs. However, it takes time to prepare. A lot of pests are attracted to decomposing plants and food. If there is any compost bin around your backyard that is close to your garden, move them away. Furthermore, try to remove any dead leaves, plants, and debris from your garden, because if they start to decompose, insects will come for the buffet.

Get Predator Insect

You can buy predator insect in your garden to help you get rid of annoying pests. These predators are; ladybugs, mud wasps, praying mantis, braconids, mud wasps. And they happen to help prevent pests that will do damage. You can attract them to the garden or buy at your local gardening store.

Grow Health Y Plant

Strong and healthy plants are less in attracting pests while sick, weak, and small plants are easy targets for pests. To know this, research each plant’s optimal conditions, know about their ideal soil, fertilizer, light and harvesting conditions.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Spreading diatomaceous earth around your garden is one of the easiest ways to prevent pests from your garden. Some insects will avoid walking over diatomaceous earth because of its rough texture.  Sprinkle it around the border of your garden; this prevents beetles and ants from getting in. This also acts as organic pesticide and fertilizer for the soil. If you do not have the time to get rid of garden pests yourself, you can get the help of a professional pest control service around Charlotte NC.