Use of Micro and Mini Grafts in Hair Transplant Surgery


You already know that in hair restoration surgery, hair grafts are removed from one area to be transplanted in another area. What are mini grafts and micrografts and how they are used in hair transplantation? This article discusses the role of micro and mini hair grafts in hair transplant procedures. If you want to naturally regrow hair on a thin or bald area, this topic is for you.

Hair Transplant Surgery
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Tips to Know before Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a wary remedial treatment and fitting organizing is fundamental to get the best subsequently. Hope to express, all techniques are fundamental to reestablish hair headway regularly for quite a while. We should look at the important demonstrates each individual needs to know before attempting this eminent system.

  • Cost versus Advantages: As it is a remedial and wary treatment, it isn’t frail. It isn’t costly as well. The expense relies on the measure of affiliations required and the system picked for hair transplant. Try to pick the best supplier paying little regard to you to need to pay genuinely additional.
  • Take Proper Care Beforehand: The patient even needs to take true idea before the treatment. A few sustenance’s, refreshments, prescriptions, and exercises ought to be maintained a strategic distance from before the methodology. It is fundamental to stay away from blood-thinners, cigarettes, alcohols, and hot sustenance’s.
  • Activating Hair Regrowth: The individual needs to look for after the standards which may in like way join utilizing Rogaine (Minoxidil) to trigger hair progression during the early months after hair transplant. The last outcomes can take a few months to show up; routinely six to nine months.
  • Symptoms are Temporary: Please note that the reactions patients get coming about to having it are brief in nature. In the event that fitting idea has been taken, the patient will be okay following ten days or two weeks.
  • Pursue Aftercare Guidelines: The hair transplant ace who performs hair transplant will furnish you with the norms that the patient needs to look for after to keep up an essential division from complexities.
  • Pick a Suitable Technique: You may comprehend that there are four structures that can be utilized to play out this methodology. For instance, individuals regularly try FUT or FUE. FUE is the most recent strategy.
  • Pick the Right Surgeon: It is essential to pick a superior to normal hair changing ace. Go for the hair transplant professional who has the genuine capacity, experience, and notoriety. A fundamentally qualified and presumed professional may cost even more yet she or he is likewise going to pass on better outcomes.
Hair Transplant

What are Mini and Micro Grafts?

To begin with, it is important to mention that hair grafts play a pivotal role in this cosmetic procedure we know today as ‘hair transplant.’ In follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or strip method, a portion of the scalp is removed to obtain hair grafts.

The strip is broken down in the form of hair grafts to prepare them for transplantation. One hair graft contains two to five hairs. These hair grafts thus obtained are then transplanted to a thin or bald area. The hair grafts obtained from the donor site can be:

  • Mini Hair Grafts
  • Micro Hair Grafts 
  • Standard Hair Grafts

These three types of hair grafts can be used in different cases. Some people might be good candidates for mini hair grafts and some might be good candidates of micro hair grafts.

Role of Mini/Micro Grafts in Hair Transplants

The use of standard, mini, or micro hair grafts is common and people can use them to naturally regrow hair for a long time. These three types of hair grafts differ in size and can suit different people with different level of hair loss or baldness.

Let’s discuss how important role micro hair grafts and mini hair grafts play during hair transplant surgery. To transplant micro or mini hair grafts, laser light is used to make tiny holes in the recipient site. The use of laser light ensures natural-looking regrowth of hair.

The restore hair growth for the men with pattern baldness, standard, mini, or micro hair grafts can be used. Some women with pattern hair loss can also benefit from them. The people who have lost some portion of hair due to injury or burns can also try standard, mini, or micro hair transplant.

What type of hair graft suits you and what the cost would be in your case? This question can be answered by a hair restoration surgeon after examining the treatment areas in person.

Winding Up the Discussion 

You read how micro and mini hair grafts help hair restoration surgeons regrow hair naturally. If you have thin or bald areas on any part of the scalp, face or body and you want to naturally regrow hair over there, you should consider this wonderful cosmetic procedure.

Are you a good candidate? How much does it cost? What are the major side effects? What the recovery period is like? Please get in touch with a hair restoration surgeon in your area to learn more about it. Wish you all the best for your hair regrowth journey!