Difference Between a Barber Shop and A Modern Hair Salon


When men want to get their haircut done, they often trap in a dilemma of whether to go to a barbershop or a modern hair salon. Both these places have their own advantages and disadvantages, and both offer different types of haircuts. So, let’s take a closer look at both these types of places and find out which one is the best for men. Let’s test barbershops and salon on different criteria and choose the best out of them.

  • Tools: The biggest difference between a barbershop and a hair salon is the tools that are used at the places. Barbers make use of the clippers while the professionals at the hair salons make use of scissors. Both these professionals are required to have a different set of skills and certifications. Barber training schools do not concentrate on scissor cutting while the cosmetology schools do not cover the usage of clippers. Many customers visit barber shops after coming from a modern hair salon to blend the sides with clippers. Similarly, many people reach out to salons after visiting a barbershop in order to get a haircut with the help of scissors.
  • Styles: The styles used at the barbershops are classic. They don’t believe in trimming. They usually do the men style haircuts and are experts in blending, fading, shaving. In reality, only barbers can do shaving using a razor in an elegant way. On the other hand, the hair salons are experts of the scissors and they love working on long hair. They are not very much experienced in using the clippers. The focus of a modern hair salon is towards hair coloring, chemical services, styling using blow-dryers and several other modern hair treatments. They also concentrate on recommending various products to the customers.

Modern Hair Salon

  • Atmosphere: Barbershops are a kind of gathering place. Anyone can go there at any time. You can find very warm atmosphere over there. You also don’t need to take an appointment for visiting a barbershop. You can easily walk-in there. The services are provided on first come first served basis. You can enjoy the waiting time talking with the other clients. However, at a modern hair salon, you need to take a prior appointment. Walk-ins are less likely to be entertained at a salon as their appointments are always full. Even if they allow a walk-in, you have to wait until they finish off the appointments of the day, which requires too much time.
  • Experience: The old barbershops do not have washbasins or sinks to wash the hair in order to provide fast and convenient services to the customers. They cut the hair by taking the chair away from the mirror.  On the other hand, a modern hair salon is well-equipped. They make use of high-quality products like shampoos and hair colors. However, with all these differences, one must understand that an experienced barber can be good at cutting long hair while a hairdresser can be an expert of barbering. The contrast will be only the traditional difference between them, which the customer must consider and make the choice as per their needs.


No matter what type of former training they have taken, there is always a scope for learning new things and grow. Therefore, a professional at a modern hair salon who has trained in cosmetology can be an expert barber, while a barber can also cut the long hair with great expertise and can be a skilled colorist. Both the professionals are the best at what they do and have their own sets of benefits to offer. Now, the choice has to be made by the customer based on their needs and desires.

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