International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Every Human is Special


International-Day-of-Persons-with-DisabilitiesWorldwide, International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on 3rd December since the year 1992.

It was first promoted and observed by United Nations and is continued henceforth.The motive behind observing this day is to show equality and solidarity towards those, who are bestowed naturally with some physical hardships (but they are not regarded any less than a normal human being).

This is not considered as a day to promote the disabilities of the persons but to make normal people aware of their importance and to improve the behavioral aspects towards them.

The high points of celebrating a day like this:

  • Increase awareness about the disabilities

    There are many places in the world where people still neglect the physically handicapped persons, let alone someone who is mentally unfit. Thus, a programme like this is about letting people realize the importance of respecting the ones with disability and does not add to their woes.

  • Enhance friendliness with the disabled persons

    People mostly tend to ignore being friendly with people who are not normal like them- basically, they socially boycott people with any kind of disability. That because they think that these people can’t fit in their so-called normal lifestyle.

    So, to make them realize that disabled people are also normal human being like them, a common interaction is required which further leads to friendliness with them.

  • Dealing with issues that both normal and disabled people face

    The mentally dis-balanced are the ones who face most issues in real life. They need someone to take care of them all the time. Thus, normal people affected.

    Due to this, there should be a proper understanding between both kinds of people to lead an issue-less life. Hence, this day helps both kinds of people to know more about each others’ same goes for the physically disabled persons.

  • Targeting themes each year to develop knowledge of different disabilities

    A very important aspect of celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities is its theme that is modified every year. These themes are created each year to target the current issues that are being an obstruction in the path of the disabled people.

    The modern technological advances and how they can help them is also discussed in these themes every year.

  • Prompting the disabled to lead a life as par with the normal people

    Not only the normal people need a moral boost up to tackle a difficult situation in their life but disabled people also needs the same. In cases, the handicapped ones often lose self-esteem and tend to give up on life. This kind of a day also helps them realize that they are no less special than any other human being on this earth which restores their confidence.

A special day is designated for disabled persons to ensure that their dignity is maintained well in the so-called humble society. Albeit the existence of good human beings, there persists more of insane ones who deprive the disabled people of their rights.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was founded with a cause by the UN and with each passing years, it’s improving enormously towards the well being of these people. It focuses on the improvement of disabled persons in all the sectors of life and not to put their reach on limits due to some organ dysfunction.

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