How To Pop Pimples?


Extremely unpleasant and probably anyone’s worst nightmare. Yes, we are talking about pimples that can go about ruining your day.

How are pimples caused?

Pimples are caused for various reasons like excess oil production, hair follicles clogged by oil, and dead skin cells, bacteria, or increased activity of androgen hormone.

Most of the dermatologists do not recommend that people try to pop or extract their acne. But, if you are uncomfortable and want to immediately get rid of it, then you can do it at home by popping it.

Why Pop Them? And the care you should take.

At time, they can be really painful and probably on the verge of bursting themselves.

In such cases, there are ways to pop a pimple, but you need some extra care when doing it. A pimple should be popped correctly and safely because doing it the wrong way may increase the breakout and infection. Also, the bacteria can then spread to the other pores causing further breakouts and inflammation.

Types Of Pimples

Hard pimples with red bumps that are painful to the touch should not be popped. Popping these will cause inflammation and infection. Likewise, there are also the cystic type of pimples that are deeper, larger, and painful under the skin. Cystic pimples should not be popped. As popping them will cause further infection and pain.

The pimples that are not red and deep and contain a small amount of pus in the middle to the surface of the skin can be popped. These pimples are usually simple blackheads, whiteheads, or pustules. Those pimples which have a white/yellow head can be popped.

Steps For Popping A Pimple

Step1-  Wash your hands and face and remove all the makeup with a cleanser. Your skin must be clean and dry. Your hands should be sanitized and rub the alcohol pad around the pimple to dry and remove excess oil and dirt and keep from spreading bacteria.

Step 2- The pus must be softened to have a pain-free popping of your pimple. You can either steam your skin surrounding the pimple or Use a warm compress or hot towel compress on the affected area to open up pores and soften the skin.

Step 3- You can either take an extractor or a needle to pop the pimple or simply use your fingers. The extractor or needle will help you to not transfer dirt from your fingers to the skin.

The needle should be sterilized with rubbing alcohol before using it. With the extractor or needle, you create a small opening or apply light pressure on the pimple to pop it. You can also use your fingers to pop a pimple by applying pressure to both sides of your pus or pimple in the direction of a “V”.

Step 4-  After successfully getting rid of the pimple, use a toner or a gentle cleanser to keep the skin clean. Cleansing the skin will encourage healing and will help in reducing irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Tips For Popping The Pimples

1- Before deciding to remove a pimple, you must know which type of pimple or acne you have. Many times the pimples are deep and cystic that should not be squeezed or removed through a needle, as removing them will worsen the acne.

2- If the pimple is not popping with your pressure, then leave it and not force it. As force will make your pimple worse, and that can be too painful

3- The best time to pop your pimple is at night time as your skin will be able to heal, breathe, and repair overnight

4-  Deep acne without a head, or painful cystic acne or frequent breakouts should not be touched and popped. The best option, in this case, will be to visit your dermatologist

5- Do not pop prematurely, as this will leave scarring which will last longer than the pimple would

6- Do not over squeeze the pimple

7- Do not scrub after popping, as the area is sensitive and needs healing. So, do not use exfoliants or serums immediately after popping.

8- Avoid touching that area or do not rub and scratch. Give that area time to heal

How To Remove Blemishes After Popping

After popping, the pimple can leave the spot, scar, marks, and discoloration. Dark spots can also be hard to diminish if not taken care of. Below are the steps to remove any spots or blemishes caused by pimples

1- Maintaining a good skincare routine is an important rule in fighting blemishes.

2- Exfoliate your skin with a good scrub two times a week

3- Use a sunscreen with SPF for protection

4- Tea tree oil has been proved effective in removing acne spots.

5- Always wash your face with antibacterial soap or cleanser to reduce further breakouts

6- Always remove your makeup before sleeping

7- Apply spot treatment on the spots

Dermatologists do not support popping the pimples yourself as they will heal within three to seven days. But, if you can’t resist, then you can follow the above method of popping. If you have frequent acne and breakouts, then it will be much better to visit your dermatologist.

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