Proven Ways To Remove Deodorant Stains From Black Shirts


It is an important day at the office or you have an evening get-together to attend, and you select your favorite black shirt for the occasion.

While you are all set and ready and you rush towards the door, all of a sudden you find a big white deodorant stain on your shirt. Or while you come back from a party and find white deodorant stains in the underarms.

Though these stains on your favorite shirt may look tacky, removing them is no big deal. In this brief article, we shall guide you on how to remove deodorant stains from black shirts.

Remove Deodorant Stain
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Why do deodorant stains occur?

Deodorant stains look like chalk marks that form on the underarms. These marks are made from salt-containing antiperspirants.

When the sweat passes through them they form some solid white stains on your shirt which become tough to remove without a wash. And these sorts of stains are more visible in a black shirt or any black clothing because of the color contrast between your black shirt and the white deodorant patch.

Nowadays, there are roll-ons available in the market that cause less or negligible stains on your shirt. But if your shirt is already ruined then you can apply some useful tips on how to remove deodorant stains from black shirts.

Ways to remove deodorant stains from your shirt

You can easily remove the deodorant patches from the normal shirts by simply scrubbing it. But in the case of dark or black-colored clothes, some extra care is required to get rid of the white patch caused by the deodorant.

Below is mentioned some methods which you can try to prevent further damage to your shirt: 

  • While wearing a shirt, if you notice a white stain, then you can rub off the stain by using another side of your shirt.
  • If the above idea does not work, then you can use a little warm water to rub off the stain.
  • You can also purchase a stain remover from the market and then apply it to the affected area of your shirt by following the user manual.
  • Rubbing a wet cloth on the stained surface using light strokes can also help you get rid of the stain.
  • Rubbing a nylon cloth on the inside of the shirt, just under the white stain is also said to be effective though there is no practical example to it. You can apply this hack if desired.
  • Makeup wipes are also said to be effective in this case. Or you can apply some vinegar to the area and let it soak for a few hours. They wash the area with plain water.
  • If all the above hacks fail, then you can use lemon juice to remove the stains. But beware; the acid in the lemon juice can cause further damage to your garment.

So, we hope the above-mentioned hacks shall help you find out the perfect solution on how to remove deodorant stains from black shirts.

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