Overcoming Phobias with Hypnotherapy, Positive Input and Suggestions


Intensity and danger

Human behavior, emotions, opinions, and thoughts are unpredictable. The mind and brain are complex and have dynamic phenomenon. Rational or irrational anxieties grip the patient’s entire body and mind. The body becomes paralyzed and the mind is shocked beyond words. Such fears and challenges overcome through medicines and hypnotherapy phobias are defined as intense fear of specific objects, events, or actions.

hypnotherapy phobias

  • Not two people are the same, and their upbringing is also different. Life experiences, level of education, parental guidance, and genetics play a great role in it.
  • Worries, stress, anxiety, and fear is not uncommon or rare. Intense fear is experienced by both adults and children of any age group.
  • Fear is associated with strong feelings and uncontrolled emotions.
  • The objects or beings that evoke fear are reptiles, birds, and wild animals. Small or large insects, rodents, bees, cockroaches, etc., also create panic.
  • The patient’s nerves get frayed and he requires hypnotherapy phobias related to fear of heights, darkness, crowd, etc., can be tackled.
  • Fear of flying, running, or climbing stairs is definitely irrational. Other unreasonable alarms include hospital visits, thunder storms, and animal sounds.
  • The experience, event, or situation does not have to be relieved. Some get into a tizzy just by thinking of the scary object or any fearful incident.
  • Patients have to come to terms and acknowledge their mental troubles. Only then, understanding, knowledge, and medical attention are helpful.

Children and fright

Consternation among young boys and girls is very natural. At a very tender age, these children get easily scared. Fear of darkness, sitting or sleeping alone in a room are normal. Every scary complaint by the child need not be taken seriously. But when fear goes out of control, it is time for hypnotherapy phobias tend to affect the child and parents’ daily life.

  • Not every fear is automatically transformed into a full-scale phobia.
  • Toddlers under 2 years naturally fear strangers, large objects and loud noises.
  • The 3 to 6-year-old are scared of spiders, darkness, dogs, and monsters.
  • From 7 to 16, they worry about injury, grades, disease, death, disasters, etc.
  • Parents should be concerned if there is great distress, panic attacks, trembling, etc.
  • Lack of sleep, poor grades, and social inhibitions are also good indicators.
  • A majority of young boys and girls are receptive to hypnotherapy phobias are treated with the help of soothing and positive words.
  • Visualization, storytelling, and TV characters are included in therapy.
  • Different techniques are employed on the basis of child’s age and maturity.


Adult anxieties

  1. Symptoms
  • Adults are susceptible to fear of outdoor spaces, busy markets, shopping malls. They also get anxious about heights, mountains, stairways, and elevators.
  • Self-conscious patients worry about public speaking and conduct. They fear humiliation or embarrassment while mingling with others.
  • Some patients avoid strangers, examination, and roll calls in a class.
  • Social anxiety also extends to public eating and drinking.
  • All these irrational challenges can be overcome with hypnotherapy phobias and are successfully treated if emotional and physical symptoms are clear.
  • The symptoms include breath, pulse, heart rate, tremors, vertigo, etc., The patient also feels overwhelmed, detached, tense, and powerless.

2. Solutions

  • The best remedies include medications, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy phobias are screened and filtered out from the more commonplace fears.
  • Therapists establishes emotional and personal connection with the patient.
  • Behavioural, cognitive, and hypnoanalysis techniques can bring a change.
  • Study of ego, acquired traits, and specific needs can yield faster results.
  • The top consultants have toolboxes, customized solutions, and unique paradigms.

To conclude, with hypnotherapist one can visualize himself in a state of peacefulness and relaxation even when confronting one’s fear.