Top 5 Amazing Reasons Why Pasta is Better than a Relationship


Top 5 Amazing Reasons Why Pasta is Better than a RelationshipFood and emotions go hand-in-hand when it comes to exploring the impact both leave on us. Whereas both these things have their own side effects (be it positive or negative), people can’t ignore any of these from their lives. No matter how much harmful a food item is or how much our emotions hurt, it’s not always easy to leave behind any of it. But for a typical foodie, sometimes foods do matter more than mere relationships. Good food can never let us down but a relationship can make or break our mood in different ways and time. Though there are lots of delicacies that are loved by youngsters of today’s time, one amongst them which found an unattainable fame is definitely the Italian dish- Pasta.

Reasons why pasta can cheer you up better than a relationship

  1. You can make pasta yours in whatever style you want

    For all those controlling partners, it’s not always easy to make your partner do kinds of stuff you like. But in case of Pasta, you can make it in any form you want; in white sauce or tomato sauce, in spaghetti style, with fresh veggies and seafood, and many more forms.

  2. Pasta always lifts up your mood

    Be it office stress or emotional breakdowns, one cannot expect to have the back of his or her partner to give comfort and consolation. But a nicely cooked pasta treat can definitely charge up your mood, no matter how down you are. This trick always works sans any doubt.

  3. All in one delicacy-pasta, rare to be found in relationships 

    Fiber-rich, free from gluten, high content of antioxidants and over the top taste makes it a perfect match for consumption when hungry. It not only soothes the taste buds but also helps to keep an individual full of nutrients and energy, which is rarely found in a person in a relationship (it majorly keeps them down while having fights or arguments with their significant others).

  4. Pasta is hot and delicious (Italian men and women are hot too!) 

    Who doesn’t like a hot partner? The compliment that one gets standing next to any source of ‘hotness’, is over the top. And what else can be hotter than Pasta (that makes you forget your cold relationship status)? It may even attract Italian hotties to you knowing you love their traditional food.

  5. Pasta can be found everywhere

    It’s not always that we get kinds of stuff according to our wish. At some point, we have to make compromises regarding our choices. But in case of pasta we have all the options available at our hands and can get it anywhere we want, as its easily available in all places. Be it cooked or raw, the prices also are pocket-friendly and that is the best part of this platter.

Humans have an emotional connect with food since ages, different types of cuisines set different moods of living. Some like it spicy while some like it sweet and sugary. Some prefer junks while some go for organic and healthy eating habits. Pasta is such a treat to the food-hoppers that it comes with all kinds of tastes attached to it. That’s why people can call it completely bizarre to compare pasta with a relationship but it definitely does have all the qualities it takes to qualify for being in the “Bon appetit” list.