Health risks of Overweight and Obesity


In this fast moving world, people are not only determined to achieve their goals, but are even more determined to look good and stay in fashion. People want to look their best and do all they could in order to not only dress better than the rest but to carry themselves in a way which attracts many audience.

Weight is a factor which plays a very vital role in all this. A person who healthy is considered to be the epitome of beauty but Overweight and Obesity of a person doesn’t only give the ‘’sluggish and slow’’ feeling, but is always leading behind.

Many people, however, live in ignorance. They think losing weight is equivalent to body shaming and one should be comfortable in their own skin. Yes, one should definitely be comfortable in their own skin, but if you are overweight and obese, you do not know what kind of deadly diseases might be present in your body that not just make you look bad, but also reduce your life span. So, do you still think it is okay to stay overweight or obese?

Health risks of Overweight and Obesity

Given below are some of the diseases or health risks that might occur to a person who is overweight.

Health risks of Overweight and Obesity:

The body does not require all the junk food and all the extra food that one consumes. It uses a part of it to provide energy to itself, and the other is stored as fat. Accumulation of fat in the body is extremely dangerous to the body because the body does not need so much fat as it is useful, and makes a person look bad. All the extra fat does not only change the person from the outside, but many processes on the inside of a person are changed.

There are numerous health risks that accompany obesity. Obesity itself, is like a very big disease, which provides branches to many other smaller diseases which harm the body, slowly and gradually,

Obesity gives rise to the formation of numerous stones. Such as, kidney stones, gallbladder stones and etc. which are very dangerous. Due to obesity, people even get certain cancers.

Moreover, the most common symptom of obesity is the irregularity in the working of heart. The heart works in a very abnormal way and there are chances of cardiac arrests.

Obesity even causes period problems for women which cause many problems for them in the future during their pregnancies. Moreover, a person feels sluggish, and lazy.

Weight loss calculator:
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