Sports Bra Fitting Guide – Ensure Maximum Comfort


Does the idea of choosing the perfect sports bra scare you? It’s often a tough battle for women to find a right fitting sports bra.This item is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe and goes a long way in helping you achieve a sculpted figure without causing any damage to the women’s tender bodies. Whether it’s for dance sessions, aerobics or any other sports activity, a carefully selected sports bra gives a firm support to the chest and improves performance while a poorly fitting sports bra can spoil your workouts by making you feel uncomfortable during high intensity training sessions.

Sports Bra Fitting Guide

Here is a checklist of things to look for while choosing a sports bra to ensure maximum comfort.

  1. Ribcage Girth

Sports bras are made to impart a snug yet firm grip to the chest and also to prevent any awkward and embarrassing incidents of bouncing. For a great fit, you need to correctly measure the size of your ribcage, so the band at the base of the bra fits you perfectly. To check whether the sports bra fits perfectly around your ribs, place two fingers at the centre most point of the bra. There should be enough space for your fingers to get in. This space is needed so you can breathe easily without any discomfort.

  1. Cup Size

Sports bras come in various cup sizes, starting from the smallest size of A to the largest size D. While choosing your favorite sports bra, one thing you need to take a look at is the size of the cup. To check your cup size, wear it to check the correct fit. Choose a cup size that comfortably holds your body without any spillage or bulges at the sides. Most importantly,  the size should feel comfortable to you when you walk or jump. If you find yourself stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one. Some sports bras come with removable cups and still provide the needed support to your body. These removable pads can be used to give a better shape to the body. If you want to do away with that extra padding in case they start to feel uncomfortable to you, you have the option to remove them.

  1. Underwires

The underwire should be of perfect size for providing optimum grip to the chest area. The underwires should adhere to the contours without cutting through the bulging areas of skin to allow free body movement. Moreover, any gaps will only cause hindrance in your exercises and hence the underwires must lie flat against your body. If you feel the underwires do not place correctly, choose a size larger or smaller depending on your body’s requirements.

  1. Shoulder Straps

Straps are provided for holding the cups in place and maintaining the suspension in a sports bra. Thick straps sit well on the shoulder bone and do not put a lot of pressure on the shoulders making it easy for you to continue with your exercises. Pick sports bra with wide straps to ensure highest comfort while performing arm movements during your exercise. However, straps shouldn’t be made too tight as it will restrict your hand movements. So make sure you choose right sized straps. This will also make the cups fit better on your body. Cross straps is another great option as they are adjustable and provide better support to the shoulders and back.

  1. Seams

It is a personal choice whether to opt for a seamless fitness bra or a bra with seams. Seamless sports bras offer a smoother put together look and feel good to the wearer while bras with seams are good if you wish to give your body a more sculpted look. It’s a matter of personal preference while selecting a particular seam style meant for your body type and shape. Pick one that feels good to you and supports various body movements without cutting through your body’s curves.

  1. Activity

Sports bras are mainly classified into three types based on the type of activity you want to take part in. Light activities like walking or swimming need low impact sports bras, medium impact sports bras give more support to the body and are meant for medium intensity workouts such as aerobics, Pilates or dance aerobics while karate or any other high intensity sports need high impact sports bras. High impact sports bras give the additional support to prevent bouncing of body bulges and protect the tender body areas from injuries or sagging.

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