How Often Should I Clean That?


Cleaning is a necessary evil for many but it is, unfortunately, something we must do. This infographic from HappyCleans looks at how often different areas of the house need to be cleaned and it should be a handy guide to refer to for any homeowner. Generally, most people will get the basics done but so much more is needed if you’re to keep up with things around the house. For example, how often do you clean the fan vents in your home? These need to be done on a monthly basis as if they’re left too long without cleaning dust, pollen and other allergens can blog the vents. Just remove the cover and soak it warm and soapy water before replacing.


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Furniture is another area of the home we can sometimes neglect. Furniture can be a great dust gatherer and materials such as velvet can be especially prone to gathering dust. Random items can also get stuck under couches so it’s important to get to attend to these areas at least once a month.

The fireplace is another area that should be cleaned at least once a year. If it’s left completely uncleaned leftover ash will spread throughout the room. Clean it at least once a year and even better again get into the habit of cleaning the firebox after every use.

Another important area is the carpets and even though we generally vacuum them a steam cleaner is generally required to remove dirt stuck deep in the carpets. It’s generally a good idea to get all carpets steam cleaned at least once a year and maybe twice a year if you have pets.


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The fridge is another area that should be cleaned out at least once a month. Did you know that salad drawers can have 750 times the safe level of bacteria?

Check out the full infographic now and hopefully, you will learn a few things and be encouraged to clean a little more often around the house. Enjoy!

how often should I clean that