Remove Nail Polish Stain At Ease


As a parent, you must know that getting kids to sit is very challenging, especially when you are applying nail polish. Or sometimes accidentally, nail polish falls over clothes or fabrics. 

It is annoying to see new materials or clothes getting destroyed due to simple mistakes. A bright red nail polish stain on a white shirt or any fabrics seems like something from your laundry nightmares. 

But, now, you need not worry over that silly mistake. You can easily remove the stain of nail polish from your clothes or any fabrics you want to see in its original form. It is relatively easy to get nail polish out of clothes.

Nail Polish Stain
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Before starting with the multiple regimes of how to get nail polish out of clothes, you must check the care labels on the clothing. 

Here are a few amazing methods that will help you to remove nail polish from fabrics.


  1. Place the fabric on a paper towel having facedown, and the part of stained cloth should be against the paper towels. You can use this method for wet or dry nail polish.
  2. This process is useful for cotton, silk, linen, and many other fabrics also.
  3. If the fabric contains acetate or triacetate, then proceed with this method with caution.
  4. Blot the stained area with acetone and use a cotton ball saturated with acetone. You can also use a paper towel to blot the backside of the fabric. By this process, it transfers the stain to the paper towel.
  5. Rinse and repeat this process. Take the stained clothes to the sink and rinse out the stained area. Just repeat the blotting action until it finishes transferring the stain to the paper towel.
  6. Continue to rinse the fabric and apply more acetone until the paper towels no longer turn the nail polish color. This will indicate that the stain has been extracted.s 
  7. Check the stained area of your clothes, and if you see a color of nail polish still left, then dip a cotton ball in acetone and try to remove it gently.
  8. At last, launder the stained fabric and use a stain remover product on the stained area. Then, launder them according to the washing instruction.


This method will help you to remove the nail polish stain from your precious clothes. Surely, now you know how to remove nail polish from clothes, and now you can easily do your cleaning part in your house, and you need not head off to the salon or any parlor for this.

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