Make the Call: 5 Phone Numbers You Should Have Saved in Case of Emergency


Everyone knows to call 911 in the case of a major emergency, but you might not know who to call in other urgent situations. If your pet runs away or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you need to know what number to call for help. Here are five phone numbers you should have saved in case of an emergency.

call Poison Control

Poison Control

There is a good chance that every parent will have to call Poison Control at least once in their lifetime. While not as common, sometimes adults have to call for themselves as well. If you or your child swallowed something potentially harmful, such as the wrong medication or a household cleaner, you should call poison control immediately to find out what to do.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to be prepared and know the route to local hospitals and urgent care centers, because sometimes Poison Control experts will instruct you to go to your nearest hospital or urgent care.

The phone number for Poison Control is 1-800-222-1222. However, call 911 immediately if the poisoned individual is not responding or is having trouble breathing.

Animal Control

You might think you will never need the number for animal control, but when you need it, you need it quickly. If your pet runs away, you’ll want to contact animal control immediate so that they can be on the look for it. Even if you don’t own pets, you may require animal control at some point.

If you find a wounded animal or if you find a raccoon in your house, you’ll want to call someone who can take care of the animal quickly and safely. Also, if you notice a wild animal in your yard and acting strangely, you should call animal control immediately.

Roadside Assistance

There is nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car broke down. If you have roadside assistance through your car insurance company or otherwise, their phone number is one of the most useful and important numbers to have saved in your phone.

Whether you blow out your tire, run out of gas, have engine problems, or just lock your keys inside your car, having your roadside assistance number on hand can get you out of a bind.

Veterinarian and Animal Poison Control

Like small children, pets have a tendency to chew on anything and everything, which can lead to issues. If your pet ingests something harmful or if they seem sick, you should immediately call your veterinarian or Animal Poison Control to find out what to do. Your veterinarian’s office probably has an emergency after-hours number, so make sure to have that number saved as well.

Car Insurance Claims

In the unfortunate event that you are in a car accident, after seeking appropriate medical attention, you should call your car insurance company. Many insurance companies have limits of how long you have after an accident to file a claim, and missing that window of opportunity can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and car repairs or replacement.

You also want call as soon as possible to report the accident so that the details are still fresh in your mind. The phone number can typically be found on your insurance card, but you should save it in your phone as well, just in case.

It’s easy to panic during an emergency, but having these five numbers saved in your phone can help things to run smoothly. The last thing you need is to have to search for a phone number when time is of the essence. Be prepared and save these numbers in advance just in case you might need them.