How do I Makeup to go to a Festival? | Makeup Tips


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Festival Makeup TipsSome of us can’t live without makeup. However, the most sophisticated makeup techniques can take up too much of our time to apply. Here are some college makeup tips you can use every day to make yourself look fabulous without too much effort.

Festival Special Makeup Tips

The high season of festivals begins. Shortly the FIB, the Bilbao BBK or the Low Festival will be celebrated. It is a very special moment since we have wanted to listen to our favorite music groups for several days and we want to be beautiful. Some have already been celebrated such as the Festival of Les Arts, the Festival of the Senses or the Primavera Sound, but now in the summer, the makeup should become more comfortable and with the hair in them that make us jump cheering our idols until the wee hours of the night.

In the first place, you have to maintain a well-groomed mane; those collected are the best allies to endure all day and all night. But a loose hair will also make you feel comfortable and natural.

Shampoos such as the Elvive Extraordinary Oil will take care of your hair these days thanks to its protective and nourishing balm. In addition, as many festivals are on the beach, you can use from the shampoo of Pantene for smooth hair and thus avoid frizz, such as curls to prevent them from being caked, depending on your hair type.

Keep in mind that at a festival you will be hot. Therefore, we recommend that you use long lasting lip glosses or lipstick with marked colors that are fixed at least 24 hours. It is also recommended a flush gel to fix longer and waterproof products such as eyeliner eyebrows, eyeshadow or mask tabs. In this way, either by heat or rain, our makeup remains intact.


What are the Trends in Makeup for this summer 2018?

The idea is that the makeup is natural. Therefore, if you mark the lips a lot, it is better than the eyes have a more natural look; and vice versa, if you want big black and seductive eyes it is better to opt for a lip gloss. Also, to maintain a fresh and relaxed image and with that natural touch that we want, a BB cream or that is light and durable base will help you to be much more comfortable.

Regarding the shadows of the eyes, it depends on the festival you go to. If it is the style of the FIB, they should be very natural, while if it is of the Arena Sound type, it is better to highlight them with electric colors. In fact, as we have already told, blue is a trend this summer. Even in the latter, you can play with more eye-catching lip colors, fleeing the traditional pink and red.

Although the festival is strong at night, remember that there is a lot of music and activities during the day, so you should always protect your skin. Miss Personal Chopped knows well when protecting herself with Australian Gold.