Healthy Makeup Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Applying Makeup


As the digital world continues to explode, more people than ever have access to amazing makeup tutorials and tricks of the trade. While there are lots of opportunities to enhance your natural beauty or transform your face with makeup, it’s important to be intentional about the health of your skin underneath the makeup. Many people experience breakouts or dry out their skin accidentally with makeup, so it’s important to know how to use it properly. Consider the following healthy makeup tips to maintain healthy skin while applying makeup.

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Always remain hydrated

Hydration is key to your skin’s health. While makeup is amazing for making sure your skin looks nice, makeup can’t hide a bad foundation. If you’re dehydrated, the makeup will only highlight the dryness. When your skin is hydrated, it’s a lot easier to put the makeup on for a smooth, clean finish. Don’t underestimate how much health and beauty are directly connected. The healthier your body, the healthier your skin. So make sure to drink up!

Rose Water

Clean your tools

When you are using makeup brushes, sponges and other tools, cleanliness is probably the most important factor for keeping your skin clear. These tools are coming into direct contact with your skin. When you don’t clean them, they’ll end up collecting a lot of bacteria and debris, or even dust. This can negatively impact your skin in the form of breakouts, rashes and more. Plus, it’s really easy to clean your tools. Once you’ve applied your makeup, rinse the tools in hot, soapy water. Position them on a towel or another flat surface so they can dry. As an added bonus, you’ll preserve the life of your tools this way.


Thoroughly moisturize and prime

Make sure the epidermis of your skin is well-moisturized and primed. It’s good to pick a moisturizer that works with your skin type. The same is true for primer. It’s also wise to put on a layer of SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. If you can, it’s best to start your makeup routine shortly after you’ve washed your face and moisturized. However, if a bit of time has passed, it’s okay to use a moisturizing spray like rosewater in order to provide moisture before the makeup application. In case it’s not clear, remember that water is your number one friend in keeping your skin healthy, whether through drinking, cleaning, or moisturizing.

Be mindful of the ingredients and expiration dates

Sometimes, your skin can get irritated by specific ingredients. If you find that your lips get irritated after you’ve used a specific lipstick, take a look at what’s inside of it. Then, take a look at a lipstick that doesn’t break you out. Look at the commonalities to see what ingredient you need to avoid. Expired makeup can lead to acne breakouts, rashes, and pink eye. Don’t risk your skin for the sake of saving money or “using it up.” Just discard your old makeup and buy new sets instead. Perhaps you could even look into hypoallergenic and skin-friendly makeups while you’re at it.

There are so many interesting healthy makeup tips to manage the health of your skin. While it’s totally fine to apply makeup and have fun with it, don’t forget to prioritize these methods of keeping it healthy. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It deserves all of the care you can possibly give it, so don’t think you have to choose between beauty and health. Follow these healthy makeup tips to maintain healthy skin before, after, and during makeup application.