What are the Trends in Makeup for this summer 2018?


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Summer Makeup Tips 2018Beautiful girls with a right coat of makeup make the everything around look lively. There is hardly any woman in this world who would love to step out without doing some eye-catching makeup.

Summer Makeup Tips 2018

With the arrival of summer makeup becomes more natural, transparent and luminous. Our complexion acquires color so we want to enhance it, as well as use make-up suitable for this time of year.

The novelties for this summer 2018 focus on this: to highlight the eyes and lips in a face gilded by the sun. Terracotta powders are once again protagonists along with products that also take care of the skin that can suffer the aggressions of the summer period.

The mono shades with colors that go from the golden yellow to the intense green, since they take the strong colors this season, especially, the blue one. There are up to 20 ultra-pigmented tones and matte, satiny or bright. In addition, they are long lasting so that they remain intact during the hottest days.

The firm Chanel has released for this summer a palette of four shades of limited edition in copper and green tones, as well as two beige powders, one terracotta and another more natural. In this way, the sensation of luminosity in the look, together with naturalness, go hand in hand for this time of year.

The Dior show Maximizer mask in white has become a real must. It is applied before the mask of the eyelashes and the effect is incredible since it leaves them long without needing a curler. It brings volume, lengthens, intensifies the color of the eyelashes and leaves them thicker so that they remain XXL.

Then you can apply the new Lancôme eyelash mask, Grandiose. Its ultra-black tone and its swan-neck brush bring volume and duration of 24 hours, everything we need to be perfect throughout the day. It also has two brown tones and a transparent one to make up and fix the eyebrow.

Therefore, we cannot forget the eyebrows, because this summer they are very important. Now they are worn tight and, therefore, to take care of them you can opt for applicators and profilers as mascara.

The terracotta powders are other of the great protagonists in summer since they are in agreement with the color that acquires our complexion.


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Guerlain has launched a limited edition with two tones in the same palette, so matte and satin is combined. In general, the Guerlain terracotta powder has always been a classic in summer for its moisturizing properties and that leave no lines or marks to enhance a bright and natural tan.

The lips have to be taken care of and repaired constantly in summer. It is a delicate area that must be nurtured so that the sun’s rays do not spoil it. Clarions owns the Eclat Minute Huile line, a three-tone lip balm with an applicator with that restorative action that is so much needed now. It achieves a fleshy, smooth and bright effect, natural for summer. As also the juicy lips, with a lot of color, Clarins also proposes a passionate red color, with duration of up to six hours.