Romantic Gifts For Him That Are Better Than Drugstore Chocolates


The subject of gifts, especially romantic ones, is a perennial problem of both, men and women. However, if you can “get off” a woman with a bouquet, men’s romantic gifts fared less well.

Romantic Gifts

Romantic gift #1

In my opinion, the best gift will be a thing made with your own hands and with all your heart. Let it be a trinket, but the main thing is that it will be with love. The benefit of such a romantic gift is obvious, firstly, your young man will understand how he is dear to you, and secondly, what is very important, your gift will be always on his mind and unconsciously associated with you. An excellent psychological move, especially when arguing, unfortunately, nobody is immune.

Romantic gift #2

An important rule when choosing a romantic (and not only) gift: do not chase a favorite, fashionable or expensive thing! It very often does not work. Before you go to the store to buy a gift for your beloved, sit down for a moment and try to remember whether he said (or hinted), that he did not have something or that he needed something. Often, we miss such information, and it is a pity, because thanks to it, we could please our loved one with 100% probability, and not waste our time, and most importantly our nerves, searching for an unknown, be careful, learn to listen, and most importantly HEAR!

Romantic gift #3

A great romantic gift can be a candlelit dinner and not necessarily in an expensive restaurant, but just in cozy, intimate surroundings, to the light music and the dishes prepared by you. He will remember this for a long time.

Romantic gift #4

Recently, all kinds of health complexes and spas have become fashionable. So, why not go for a couple of hours in one of these spas, where you will enjoy together both for the soul and for the body. A very romantic gift, in my opinion

Romantic gift #5

A beautiful bouquet of scarlet roses. Also, who said that it is appropriate to give flowers to women only? It is wrong! Perhaps such a romantic gift will surprise, but, after all, this is the real purpose of any reward – to shock.

The subtext of any gift is your genuine feelings for your man.

Romantic gift #6

A wonderful gift will be a bouquet of candies in the form of a heart. There are so many of them in the pastry shops these days. As they say, cheap and romantic!

Romantic gift #7

An exciting idea from manufacturers of huge balloons with a declaration of love.

Romantic gift #8

There are very passionate, and most importantly – the original things – colorful under-lights of the bathroom.

Romantic gift #9

In the shop of bed linen sold awesomely beautiful and very romantic bed linen “DECLARATION OF LOVE.” It is, indeed, a very romantic gift.

Romantic gift #10

There is a massive selection of table lanterns from Valentine’s Day or heart-shaped area. Well, why not a romantic gift?

Romantic gift #11

Lovely romantic watch from sand “FORMULA OF LOVE.”

Romantic gift #12

However, what about crystalware? In related stores, you can find anything, hearts, angels, and bound figures of lovers. However, what I liked most was the CRYSTAL ROSE. Of course, more expensive than a real one, but it is worth it.

Romantic gift #13

You can give a statuette of the baby Cupid. After all, without him, there would be no romantic relationships of yours.

Romantic gift #14

You can find a huge selection (and crystal, and chocolate, and even made of flowers) romantic gifts with the participation of this year symbol.

Romantic gift #15

 If your beloved person has something to do with computers, then a computer mouse in the shape of a heart will be an excellent and, of course, a romantic gift. So to say, from the most sincere depths of one`s soul.

Romantic gift #16

A gift that fits everyone, without any exception, is a key chain. The choice is vast here, from hearts to your photo frame.

Romantic gift #17

It is winter, cold, so why not give your significant other and yourself a set of mittens for those who are in love. I think that such a gift will surely warm both, hands and heart of your loved one.

So fruitful was my searching for presents.  I hope that is not useless. I recommend you to draw your attention to the first two points, and they certainly will help you and significantly lighten life.

About the author

Melisa Marzett loves handmade almost as much as she loves writing. Working for, she finds time for making things with her own hands. It calms her down and makes her nearest and dearest happy. She is happy when she can make others happy.