A Look at the Different Types of Razors


Let’s face it. We are all after a neat and clean appearance. And an untidy beard is the last thing we would want here.

But surprisingly, most of us still don’t make an effort to achieve the kind of look we crave for, only because we think it’s a lot of work. However, if you have been one such men, then you would be surprised to know that it actually doesn’t.

All you need to do is choose the right razor and the time you would have to spend working on getting a great appearance would reduce significantly. So with that said, let us walk you through some of the most popular types of razors out there, as learning more about it is the first step to getting a clean and pleasing appearance.

However, we will also throw in some “types” of razors going as back as to the stone age, just so that it gets a little interesting for you.

Shaving Stone

Can a stone be as sharp as a razor? Well, how much a hand ax? Yes, the stone that was used for shaving in the stone ages was as potent as a hand ax. It was called the flaked obsidian.

Egyptian Rotary Razor

The rotary razor quickly became the go-to shaving tool for people living in Egypt back then, as the heat there would force them to have a perfectly clean-faced shave.

Single Edge Safety Razor

The single edge safety razor marked the beginning of the era of modern razors. Introduced to the world in 1880, it has a head-like part that holds the needle, which is connected to a handle.

Although it isn’t exactly the easiest to use, it offers a much safer shaving experience thanks to the protective bar on the edge of the blade.

Double Edge Safety Razor

As the name suggests, it’s basically an advanced version of the above razor. It has a protective bar on both the sides of the blade, meaning an even safer level of shaving experience.

The overall quality of shave, too, is considerably cleaner and smoother.

Foil Electric Razor

Sporting an oscillating razor blade, the foil electric razor doesn’t need shaving cream or foam to give you a clean shave. It runs on battery power, with some of the models being rechargeable.

While these razors aren’t ideal when it comes to shaving the facial curves, you can get good results with them if you simply stick to using them in straight lines.

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