5 Popular Healing Destinations Around The World


Traveling to places is all about discovering the purpose of your life. Make sure to dive deeper and unveil the secrets of mother nature. The next time you plan to head out, explore a region filled with spiritual vibes. Not only will it boost your self-confidence, but also instill positivity in your mind.

Take a break from the regular hustle-bustle of life and spend some time in the lap of nature. All you need to do is sit back and list down a few spiritual regions worldwide. Further, plan an outing to the healing destinations either alone or with your loved ones.

Keep reading to know the top healing destinations that induce mindfulness and tranquility in your mind.

1. Buddhist Temples, Kyoto, Japan

Buddhist Temples, Kyoto, Japan

On your spiritual journey, make sure to pay a visit to Kyoto’s healing temples. The “Capital of Tranquility”, Kyoto in Japan has a lot to offer to the travelers.

From enchanting Buddhist temples to multiple Shinto shrines, you get to explore it all. The place has a little something for every kind of traveler.

You can achieve an overview of the entire city at the Fushimi Inari Shrine located on the hilltop. Load your travel luggage on sturdy roof racks and embark upon the healing spree right away.

Places To Explore

  • Nijo Castle boasts spectacular architecture and artwork in the form of cravings and metalworks. Also, it harbors five concrete buildings containing ecstatic artworks by Kano Tanyu himself.
  • Kinkaku-Ji offers some breath-taking grounds and stone pagoda for all travelers. Along with this, the place has its teahouse that is the source of delicious warm beverages.

2. Blue Lagoon, Grindavík, Iceland

If you’re looking out for a destination that heals your body and mind, then Blue Lagoon is the right choice. Filled with mineral-rich seawater, it possesses the ability to replenish your body.

You can enjoy the healing bath amidst spectacular volcanic sceneries and lush green forests. Before you enter the outdoor spa, make sure to gather the essentials life bathrobe and masks crafted out of pure mud.

When applied to the skin, the latter helps in natural exfoliation and transforms your skin into a glowing one.

Other Popular Attractions

  • The Golden Circle in Iceland offers the chance to explore the three marvels of the city. From the antiquities of Geysir to the tranquillity in Gullfoss falls, the place offers it all to the tourists. You can also check out the Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park to satiate your wildlife adventures.
  • Mývatn is a popular tourist attraction for all the tourists who like to spend more time amidst water bodies. It is a lake situated right in the middle of the active volcanic region.

3. Cape Reinga, North Island, New Zealand

According to Maori mythology, Cape Reinga is a place that brings your soul closer to your ancestors. Popularly known as Te Reinga Wairua, the place is home to utmost spirituality and optimism.

As per the belief, your soul slides down onto the old tree to join the afterlife with the spiritual goddess Hinenuitepo. In case you wish to explore the spiritual sites, make sure to visit this healing destination as well. It instills a sense of spirituality and faith in your mind. That way, you come back with a renewed mindset and broadened horizon.

Other Popular Attractions

  • Tongariro National Park is yet another spiritual place filled with snow-capped mountains and healing water bodies. Once you explore the beauty of this region, make sure to know the historical significance and the story behind the mountain.
  • Mount Taranaki is the healing site that speaks for the Maori story of Pihanga. You can also explore the Whanganui River nearby. The locals believe that the river emerged via Taranaki after Pihanga lost the fight.

4. Mayan Gardens, San Antonio, Belize

Belize is home to never-ending spiritual sites that offer utmost healing and relief from negative energy. You can explore the kitchen gardens in multiple hotels for instant upliftment of the mood.

Or, maybe take a walk down the turquoise beaches and meditate for a while. What stands out from every spiritual spot in the city are the medicinal gardens by Garcia sisters.

Mayan garden is a healing destination that belongs to the traditional healers. Garcia sisters teach you some mindful healing methods using reliable herbs. You can also observe the instant health benefits of mash oregano, soursop leaves, and brewed herbs.

Other Popular Attractions

  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to hundreds of jaguars and other fauna species. If you’re a wildlife lover, make sure to explore the natural aesthetics of this region.
  • Tobacco Caye is a spectacular marine reserve that offers shore diving to the thalassophilia out there.

5. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re seeking a spiritual trip, then table mountain in cape town is the right choice. The mountain stands at a height of 3,500 feet above the sea level.

Crafted out of pure granite sandstone, it possesses extraordinary healing abilities. What adds to the spiritual wellness is the large quantity of quartz that induces a sense of salubrity in the travelers’ minds.

Other Popular Attractions

  • Great Mother Stone in Cape Town is yet another healing destination that you must not miss out on. The rocks boast extreme healing properties and might induce self-awareness within you.
  • Pearl Mountain is another marvelous spot that is popular for healing and spiritual aspects. Once you’re done exploring the Table Mountain, have a look at its astounding spot as well.

Bottom Line

Traveling induces a sense of awareness and spirituality in your mind. You can always go on a healing spree and fulfill your wanderlust goals at the same time.

All you need to do is find out the right healing spots all over the globe. Once you’re done choosing the destination, embark upon the journey with utmost enthusiasm. You are likely to come back with a rejuvenated mind and a peaceful soul.

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