Boxing – Lower Back Workout to Improve Balance in the Ring


Boxing is one of the most loved and practiced combat games so far. Although most people like MMA-based training, boxing works as a good foundation for almost all kinds of combat games. Most people think that boxing is all about punching. If you are good at punching, and you know the technique you will become the best boxer. However, things are changing in the boxing industry.

People are now becoming more aware of boxing and other combat forms. Now, people know that boxing is a full-body game that requires you to use your lower body for moving in the ring and setting the pace of the game.

Apart from your footwork, the core helps you generate energy and your upper body only helps in improving the pace and overall precision. Similarly, lower back strength is very important for helping the boxer, balance the body at any given time.


With the help of this article, we will explore the importance of balance in boxing. We will also talk about the importance of the lower back in improving balance. To help the boxer practice, we will further enlist some basic exercises to help you improve the strength of your lower back.

Why do You need To Work on Body Balance as a Boxer?

Upper body strength is very important in boxing and there is no doubt about it. However, lower body strength and balancing are also very important.

  • Better body balance means you have a hold over your body and this will help you avoid getting knocked off easily.
  • Better body balance allows you to move more swiftly without getting toppled as your center of gravity shifts, due to this you will be able to throw more powerful punches easily.
  • Improve your chance of avoiding the punches by moving easily and more swiftly
  • You will be able to get away with complex body movements and punches since you will be able to balance your body easily even when you are throwing those punches.
  • It helps you boost your confidence even when you are in a difficult situation.
  • It helps you avoid taking a direct hit from your opponent.
  • It helps with footwork offering you a better hold of the lower body.

Exercises To Strength Your Lower Back Muscles

Strengthening your lower back muscles will offer you a better standing posture where you can keep throwing punches and moving in the ring without getting tired easily. Some of the easiest yet most effective lower body strengthening workouts include:


Bride exercises are very simple yet very effective. You will have so many different variations including Leg Bridge and quad bride. For each exercise you will get on your back and lay down straight and then by shifting the weight only to your upper body, shoulder, and lower body, you need to hold the weight of your torso. While doing so, you need to hold your quad tighter. However, in the case of one Leg Bridge, you need to lift your one leg as well.

Superman Pose

Simple, easy, and very famous for back strength. This workout requires you to lay down on your stomach and then lift your forelimbs as well as your hind limbs. Your goal will be to retain your body weight on your stomach. Your back will be in an arch position fully starched.


Most people think that plank will only help them work on the core muscles but it will also help you strengthen your back. You just need to lie down on your stomach and then hold up your body weight on your elbows and your feet. Keep your core tight and your back straight.

Knee-Chest Workout

For this workout just lay down flat on your back and then curl your legs. Now, move your legs towards your chest one at a time. The goal is to move your legs to their maximum but do not stretch till it hurts.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you perform in the ring. Since you have to move a lot while you are in the ring, lower body strength is very important. Apart from this, you need to constantly balance your body to avoid getting knocked out, this is the reason most boxers especially include yoga posture for lower back strength.

Since you need to hold your upper body tight as you move your lower body, it is essential to set a tone for your movement so you do not end up moving too fast or too slow. Another important thing is to rely on hot massage therapy so that you can nourish your muscles and keep them healthy. Moreover, for the strengthening of your lower back muscles, yoga, and stretches are also very important.

Make sure to set an easy schedule so you do not end up overtraining. People who become passionate about their workout routine usually end up overtraining which can cause serious damage in the long run. The main purpose of lower back strength is to help you avoid any possible injury that might take place during the fight.

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