Correlation Between Good Oral Health & Living Longer


Our oral health impacts us in unimaginable ways. We rarely understand the consequences are simple, daily life actions can lead to in the future. Our health is important and we cannot be ignorant towards it.

We have to take care of it, and in order to do that, it is very important that we understand the risks that we are exposed to. That is how we can totally keep ourselves away from anything that is harming our body in any way. Often, our body acts in mysterious ways.

Everything in our body is dependant on each other, and simple problems in one body part can lead to some serious health issues. The best example to understand this is the correlation between oral health and our sleep. One thing leads to another and even before we know, tooth pain can cause sleep deprivation in a person.

Oral health is often neglected by people and the only explainable reason for the same is the lack of information regarding the harms poor oral health can have on the overall health of the person.

If you ask someone how they take care of their teeth, all you would hear from them is their brushing and flossing routine. Maybe you will even find someone who uses a mouthwash regularly. Dental Clinic Delhi told that they rarely have regular patients. The only time they have someone visiting them is when the tooth problems get really serious.

Oral health cannot be ignored by anyone. It affects the heart, the lungs, can cause dementia, affect the sleep cycle and also affect the toxic levels in the body.

Oral Health

Oral health and long life

People know for a matter of fact that eating healthy and exercising daily is the key to live long but they are not aware of the link between oral health and their life cycle. Taking care of your mouth determines the level of toxicity and inflammation in the entire body. It affects the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

People with proper oral health are more resilient to dementia and it is also very good for the health of your unborn baby.

How to maintain oral health?

Brushing and flossing- brushing and flossing is two essentials that you can never scrap out from your routine. There are so many bacteria that are waiting to attack the mouth. As we consume food items are acidic and high in sugar, the chances of the bacteria increases. Brushing the teeth properly can avoid such a situation. Flossing is also important as it cleans the areas in between the teeth that the brush can’t reach.

Tongue scraping- Most people follow a strict dental routine, they brush their teeth twice a day and also floss regularly but still have infected teeth. Reason? They never clean their tongue. Cleaning our tongue is as important for our mouth as is brushing the teeth. If not, the bacteria start accumulating and attack the teeth as soon as the food is consumed. It also intoxicates the food that we are consuming, harming our health. People who do not brush their teeth properly also suffer from bad breath.


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Dental appointments- No matter how much you take care of your teeth at home, you should never skip a dental appointment. Visiting the dentist regularly can help you identify the tooth problems even before they become troublesome and save you from going through a lot of pain and inconvenience.

Proper diet plans

High Protein Diet

We have read the saying a thousand times, “ we are what we eat” and that still holds solid. The food items we consume defines the health of the body. People who consume a lot of junk food and have carbonated drinks and foods items that have preservatives in them suffer from many health issues. However, people who follow a healthy diet, consume fruits and green vegetables are healthier than them.

A dentist from south Delhi has noticed that people with dental issues have a high risk of diabetes and heart strokes. Sometimes they start suffering from sleep deprivation that leads to mental illness making conditions worse for the patient. The treatment in such cases becomes very complicated as the conditions are interlinked. It is better to start taking proper dental care to safeguard ourselves from any life-threatening diseases.

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