Escaping Norm to Get Yourself Back


Have you ever felt the loss of identity? Well, sitting at my desk, I have come across this thought many times. My mind was stuck on another plan of action in life and the routine was leading me to another place. Well, escaping to the reality, the only option was to change the surroundings for a while. The fantasy of traveling all the time is not a fair chance because you can’t leave your job and just travel until you have parents with some high profile jobs and extra money to spend on you.

Finding yourself stories are impressive and with good writing skills, you can make a large fan following.

Escaping Norm

However, my eye-opening journey was Morocco holidays last summers. The fantasy blew up and there I was among the culture and a lot of history.

As a curious personality, I need to know everything that is running up in my surroundings, so I had a habit of jumping into very unknown matters. I paid a very high price of involvements in Morocco. Anyways, those were some precious lessons of my life.

No doubt that Morocco is an inspiring country. The diversity has in its culture and the history of survival it shares with the world is amazing. But these things are far more impressive for anyone who is curious or enthusiast. As I was continuously traveling:

Marrakech welcomed me wholeheartedly, it’s cultural reflection was an amazing discovery.

  • Agadir beach has an unknown charm that soothes your mind at least for a moment and seizes your thoughts. It basically lets you enjoy the moment at its best.
  • Tangier has one of the most alluring cities. You can easily enjoy with your family and kids will have a lot of fun. Spices, fascinating skill set of the artists and entrepreneurs have a great chance to meet aspiring business owners. So it’s a place to explore and learn at the same time.
  • Chefchaouen is my favorite city. It has nothing special then blue washed walls and handmade arts but the tranquillity it offers you is beyond the admiration. It is a heaven for any artist or peace seekers.

loss of identity

It was the short summary of my trip to Morocco, and apparently, I planned vacations to find myself. This is the real escape point now, no matter where you go, you take your demons along. It was good in Morocco, the culture, the beach, the history, and learning. One thing that I learned was not to romanticise any of my journey in the future. Journeys are not bound to the destination but to the path you choose. No country is perfect and the way you expect. Morocco is one with an authentic sense of culture at one place but on the other side, it is all modern and seems like UK trends are trending there too. Once I was stared at and at another place, nobody even bothered looking at me.

In the end, I didn’t find me but I found new ways to deal with different circumstances. Traveling is not about fun or thrill, it’s an adventure to live with.  Life, routine or vacations, nothing has to do with the concept of finding yourself. Life is a constant series of only learning and unlearning few things. So, plan your vacations at least once in a year just for a break and you’ll come back as a better person.