Castor Oil and its Amazing Benefits for the Eyes


Castor oil is a famous old ingredient of Ayurveda and seems to work wonders to treat a vast number of diseases naturally. The oil is known to be the most effective remedy for several eye problems, including itchy eyes, redness, and even cataract.

Castor oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. It is comparatively cheaper than other essential oils and is proven to be one of the safest to treat your woes in the most natural and chemical-free way. The concern with using the oils is that they should be organic and sterile so that they can be safely used on sensitive areas without any allergic reactions.

Castor Oil

Where and how to use?

Castor oil benefits for eyes can be many, it is anti-inflammatory and soothes the eyes. Here are a few amazing things it does to your eyes,

Safely treats allergies

The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can be soothing to treat redness and allergies. It enhances the production of lipids in your eyes that can be helpful in treating dry eyes.

To use it, take a clear dropper and suck some of the oil in it, gently put at least two drops in each eye before going to bed, it may make your vision blurry for a moment, but the next morning you will wake up with a clearer vision and relaxed eyes.

Reduces cataract

The cataract can be disturbing if it’s developed and is in a later stage. It makes your vision blurry and your eyes become extremely light sensitive. To dissolve the cataract in the initial stages, you can put a few drops of castor oil in your eyes before going to bed. It’s been proven to cure it in a span of 2-6 months if used regularly.

Calm the red eyes

We’ve all been in that phase where our eyes may appear bloodshot and watery. The redness could be due to some infection or lack of sleep. It’s surprising how effectively castor oil can treat it.

To use the oil, splash some water in your eyes and gently pat dry. Once the eyes feel clean, put a drop or two in each eye with the help of a dropper. Keep your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes and slowly open them. At first, it may appear hazy, but the blurriness will be gone gradually and you’ll start feeling lighter.

Helps to ease itchiness

Irritated eyes can feel burdensome, you keep rubbing them, and that makes it worse. To make you feel better, here comes the castor oil to your rescue. It is a fantastic moisturizer for your eyes and is safe too.

Use a dropper and put a drop in each eye, keep your eyes shut and lie on your back until you feel it’s absorbed, take your sleep and let it work for you.

Let’s de-puff

Puffy eyes can look and feel tiring, moreover, it spoils your look and you always need to conceal them under some makeup. Worry no more, we have the best thing for you and that won’t cost you much.

Take a drop of castor oil and rub it your palms, it makes the oil slightly warm and now you can gently pat it on and under your eyes. Repeat it twice a day and you’ll see noticeable changes within a few weeks.

Helps with swollen eyes

Your eyelids can sometimes feel swollen and heavy. The condition is called Blepharitis. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, an amazing anti-inflammatory agent.

Dab a cotton pad in some oil and simply use it as an eye patch, it will relax your eyes and reduce the swelling.

Reduces wrinkles

Rather than spending a huge amount of money on fancy eye creams, just grab a bottle of castor oil and use it as an eye treatment. Put a few drops around the corners and where you notice the fine lines. The emollient properties of castor oil help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin hydrated.

The under-eye solution

Dark circles are inevitable and mostly all of us have them. What if you can treat them safely and quickly? The fatty acids present in the castor oil can lighten the dark circles and replenish your skin. Gently massage your eyes with some castor oil and you’ll see the difference by yourself.

Thickens your eyebrows and lashes

Castor oil makes your hair follicles nourished and shiny, so they appear darker, thicker, and healthier. Rub some over your eyebrows and eyelids, each day before your bed. It works amazingly fast and you’ll love what you’ll see. Now that you know the amazing secrets of castor oil don’t forget to incorporate it into your lifestyle and share its benefits with others.