Dog-Themed Accessories for the Pet Obsessed


Dogs have a way of working themselves into our hearts and transforming our lives. Whether it’s the over-sized ears on a Labrador, fluffy Corgi butt, or shaggy hair of a St. Bernard, these four-legged friends spark joy and provide many health benefits for their owners. Chances are, their owners are just as obsessed as you are—if not even more! So, what do you get for that special person in your life who just can’t seem to get enough of their furry, four-legged best friend? Well, we’ve done some research, and have come up with cute gifts for dog lovers that are sure to please and show just how much you really care!

Dog-Themed Accessories

Food Bowls

This one is for the pooches who like the finer things in life. Owners can be extremely picky about what their dogs eat, but also what they eat out of. Dog-food bowls are often ugly and stick out like a sore thumb wherever you decide to put them. So, why not give a gift with some style? Ceramic dog bowls are the latest trends in fine-dining for dogs. Plus, you can even get them custom-made with the dog’s name or whatever you think the pet-obsessed person in your life would love.

A Classic Tote

There are a lot of different avenues you could take with these cute gifts for dog lovers. A tote bag is a perfectly practical gift that can end up meaning a lot to the right owner. If they’re obsessed with Corgi cuteness, get them a durable, waterproof tote that’s riddled with Corgis doing fun activities like surfing! Or get them a bag with a saying like, “I’d rather be with my dog,” which we all know is true for the pet-obsessed.

Dog-Face Pillow

These adorable accent pillows are perfect for pooch-lovers who need some new decor in the home! They come in a variety of styles, so whether you need a brooding Bulldog or adorable Dalmatian, chances are you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to bring a smile to the dog-lover in your life.

Custom Pet Portrait

This goes out to all the aspiring Bob Ross’s of the world! A custom pet portrait is a thoughtful gift that will keep them busy and entertained for hours. You can get a custom paint by numbers kit or just get a replica of a darling photo of their pup for a statement piece that’s sure to please.

Paw Print Ornament

A classic cute gift for all dog lovers is a paw-print ornament. Every dog-owner loves hanging these up on the tree each year and they’ll always think of you whenever they see it. These are perfect for the holidays and you can choose to get a generic one or even a custom print of the dog’s paw.

Pet Themed Masks

Face masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well get the best face masks for the pet obsessed in your life! There are adorable designs to choose from, like Corgis, Terriers, and so much more. You’ll be able to keep yourself and others safe by gifting these darling face masks and put a smile on everyone’s face when it’s worn!

Custom Dog Socks

Putting a pet on socks is a fun gift for the pet-obsessed with a sense of humor. These cute gifts for dog lovers can be as eccentric or as subtle as you like. Putting our furry friends on socks will keep feet extra warm and fuzzy while allowing the owner to proudly showcase some love for their pup.

Dog Treat Gift Basket

If you want a variety of cute gifts for dog lovers all in one, try a doggy gift basket! Fill it with the pooch’s favorite treats and toys. Bones and puppy sundaes are a personal favorite, but be sure to check with the owner to make sure you get treats they can actually use. Stock it full of practical items like leashes and dog shampoo for something a little more practical.

Matching Outfits

For the fashionista in your life, get a matching outfit for the pet-obsessed and pooch to strut their stuff in style wherever they go! Because what’s cuter than seeing a dog dressed to the nines? Whether it’s just a cute sweater or even a matching hat, there are a lot of ways to get creative with this one.

Dog-Themed Accessories

Training Books

This is a gift every dog lover can appreciate, and it’s important to properly train your dog so that it can live its best life. A training book is great for first-time owners and seasoned pros. A lot of these books come with helpful tips on dealing with life events, like moving or having a child. So, if you’re struggling with ideas, this is a useful option for the dog lover in your life.

Tumblers and Drink Holders

Perfect for the fitness-minded dog owner, a dog-themed tumbler or drink holder will be a crowd-pleaser and there’s so much you can do with it! They’re incredibly easy to customize with cute sayings like, “Pawsitively Perfect” or “Mondays are Ruff.” Pair it with some coffee, tea, or their favorite drink for an extra special touch.

Kitchen Accessories

Whether it’s a pup-themed tea towel or doggy cookie jar, there are dozens of dog-themed kitchen accessories you can give to put some personality in a dog lover’s cooking routine. Aprons, oven mitts, and pot-holders with their pet’s breed is a cute gift for dog lovers who also have a passion for cooking and sharing their meals with their pup.

We know giving gifts can be a challenge, but when it comes to the pet-obsessed, the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to cute gifts for dog lovers. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, but most importantly, be sure to give with your heart.