Simple Tips to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy


If you are a pregnant woman and suffering from back pain, you should not worry about how to treat back pain during pregnancy. Because back pain during pregnancy can be a sign that the fetus in the womb is growing and developing. The older the fetus, the greater the load on its back. As a result, you will likely experience pain in the spine.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy usually occurs when the pelvis meets the spine, which is the sacroiliac joint. This pain is felt when bending, wearing and undressing, getting out of bed or standing. Before you learn more about how to treat back pain during pregnancy. There are several things that cause back pain during pregnancy.

Weight gain

Pregnant women usually experience weight gain, so the load on the backbones increases gradually. The result will be back pain.

Changes in body posture

Without knowing it, during pregnancy, your body posture will change slowly because your body weight also changes. This can cause back pain due to an imbalance in weight.

Hormonal change

When you are pregnant, your body produces the hormone relaxin, which allows the ligaments (the connective tissue that connects bones and joints) to become detached. While the balance of the body disturbed and caused back pain.

Separation of muscles

The muscles in the rib cage of the backbone may separate due to an enlarged uterus, which can cause back pain.


When you are stressed, your back muscles are under tension, so your back will feel pain.

How to prevent back pain during pregnancy

It is said that “prevention is better than cure”. This also applies to pregnant women. Most pregnant women usually suffer from back pain. However, it is not correct to let this happen. There are many ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy. Here’s how.

  • Get enough rest
  • Light exercise routine
  • Avoid lifting heavy loads
  • Don’t stay in one position
  • Sit straight and don’t bend
  • Wear flat shoes for equal distribution of body weight.
  • If you are carrying a load, it is best to share in both hands

How to overcome back pain during pregnancy

Back pain experienced by pregnant women can be mild and go away on their own. However, sometimes these back pain can become chronic and very painful, especially if they are not treated immediately. For this reason, if you currently suffer from back pain due to pregnancy, you can alleviate it with the following methods.

Back massage

Ask your partner to gently massage your entire back from neck to waist. A gentle massage can relieve fatigue, muscle pain or back pain.

Playing sports

Regular exercise with light movements is recommended. Therefore, exercise can strengthen and increase muscle flexibility, thereby reducing the pressure on the spine. Sports activities that are safe during pregnancy are walking and swimming.

Improves posture

maintain your posture during your activities and sleep

During pregnancy, the muscles of the body tighten easily. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain your posture during your activities and sleep. For example, when you sit down, place a pillow behind your back so that it can support your spine. And may use a lumbar back chair for an ergonomic sitting experience that distributes body weight equally and keep your spinal alignment correct.

Or while you sleep, turn your body to the side and place a pillow between your knees to reduce stress on your back.

Back Compresses

Compressing your back with hot and cold water also includes ways to treat back pain during pregnancy. The trick is to use a towel full of ice cubes and backpacks for 20 minutes/day. After doing it regularly for 3 days, replace it by placing a bottle of hot water on your back for 20 minutes/day. Apply the hot compress for 3 days so that your back pain can decrease.