Amazing substitute garlic powder for minced garlic


Garlic adds a pinch of taste to your cooking. But if your home pantry is out of stock then you can also use substitute garlic powder for minced garlic. 

Yes, this is so true. Many times it happens that we start to cook and realize a lack of spices especially the garlic. But don’t worry because there is the availability of substitute garlic powder for minced garlic which can help to prepare delicious cuisines.

Garlic is always the first choice of a cook because it adds spicy taste and flavor to the food. There are many recipes in which garlic should be sauteed in oil before adding all other ingredients. The substitute garlic powder for minced garlic is used in this situation when the flavor of garlic is a must for the recipe and garlic and minced garlic is finished in your kitchen.

Minced Garlic
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Garlic Powder and Minced garlic

The garlic powder and minced garlic both provide good taste to the food. However, they are slightly different from each other in taste. Let’s have a look at how they are prepared and used in the recipes while cooking.

Minced Garlic

The minced garlic is the fresh garlic cloves that are chopped in tiny particles. The chopped garlic comes in oil or water with citric acid to make it preservative for a long time. This type of garlic should be placed in the fridge by putting it in a glass jar.

It is used like other garlic substitutes according to taste. It can be preserved for a long period as compared to other garlic substitutes.

Garlic Powder

As its name gives an idea, it is the powder made from garlic. The garlic cloves are dehydrated and crushed to make a fine powder. No other preparation is required to make the garlic powder. 

While using the garlic powder it is important to take the proper and balanced quantity. It is said that half the teaspoon is equal to 1 clove of garlic. 

One common thing between both types of garlic substitutes is that they both are free from peeling, chopping, defrosting, and other methods.

Other substitutes of garlic

Apart from these two garlic substitutes, there are also some other methods from which the garlic can be preserved for a long time. Some of the pre-prepared garlic substitutes are:

  • Peeled clove garlic
  • Frozen crushed garlic
  • Freshly peeled garlic cloves
  • Garlic paste
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