10 Elegant Tiles Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget


Surely, tiles in the bedroom are a very expedient alternative because stone wear porcelain and ceramic tiles are tough, anti-slip and easy to clean. Furthermore, if you have a bathroom in your bedroom, it becomes easier to create pictorial permanency between the floor coverings of both rooms.

Infect, nowadays, the latest interior design trends offer tiles in the bedroom not only for floors but also for covering walls thus exploiting the expressiveness of textures, colors, floral and geometric patterns. They especially look great especially if you have a small bedroom.

If you are planning to give a makeover to your bedroom then use tiles because they are not only budget-friendly but also make your bedrooms look great. Therefore, it is best to hire expert services of professional remodeling companies in Oklahoma City OK for your bedroom tile makeover project.

Listed below are top 10 ideas for small bedroom tiles on a budget.

1. Chevron Wood Effect Tiles

Designers all over the globe are bringing natural surfaces and textures into interior spaces, so don’t be surprised if you notice an abundance of stone and wood effect tile designs. Chevron wood effect tiles have an interesting design and are not only budget-friendly but make your .bedroom look spacious and stunning.

2. Concrete Effect Tiles

You’ve probably heard of the charming industrial trend if you keep up to date with all the latest interior looks,   where factorial rudiments are brought into the house. Concrete effect tiles are perfect for creating an industrial theme in your bedroom area apart from being budget friendly.

3. Split Face Tiles

No doubt, textured surfaces are a great way of injecting character into a lacking or lifeless bedroom. Made from natural slate, Split Face Tiles consist of strips of different sizes and thicknesses that have been bonded together to create a multi-leveled, staggered surface from your small bedroom.

4. Porcelain Tiles

Nowadays, more and more artists are warming to the benefits of porcelain tiles. Owing to their longevity and eco-friendly nature when compared to other flooring options available. They’re not only easy to clean but they also don’t scratch and mark like hardwood and laminate flooring. You can now select from a collection of different colors in gloss, matt, and riven finishes. Many companies who provide quality remodeling services to their customers swear by these tiles due to their durability and easy maintenance.

5. Vintage Wood Plank Tiles

Today, wood effect tiles don’t just come in sands and natural browns. There are white-washed versions available too such as these Vintage Wood Plank Tiles. Adding white tiles into an interior space also helps to make your bedroom seem larger, airy and brighter, so if you want to revive your bedroom staying within a budget, they’re a great option! They are easily available with many professional companies who also provide roofing service to their clients.

6. Rectangular Tiles

These tiles are nowadays becoming extremely popular due to its shape and nature. They are not only dryable but look great in all type of bedrooms. They are easy to clean and resilient to daily wear and tear.

7. Marble Effect Tiles

Made from porcelain, they are not only budget-friendly but are really easy to clean and maintain.

8. Wood Grain Pattern Bedroom Tiles

Wood Effect tiles, with their amiable wood grain pattern, are perfect for piecing together a naturalistic base in your bedrooms.

9. Hexagon Tiles

A quick and easy way to give the room a new life is by adding distinctive tiles to a wall space.      Hexagon tiles, with their delightful stone effect patchwork of patterns, are perfect for creating a honeycomb feature wall in a small bedroom.

10. Tempest Tiles

Sporadically, when you’re creating a space where you want to unwind and relax, they are the best. The range consists of a variety of delicate stone effect designs in semi-polished and finishes. They are made from porcelain and you can use them for your small bedroom.